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How Stitch Fix used AI to personalize its online shopping experience

Online retailers have long lured customers with the ability to browse vast selections of merchandise from home, quickly compare prices…

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CCPA compliance lags as enforcement begins in earnest

Enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) began on Wednesday July 1, despite the final proposed regulations having just…

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Why modern applications demand polyglot database strategies

Commentary: Ready to move all your applications to NoSQL databases? It’s not that simple. Image: Nuthawut Somsuk, Getty Images/iStockphoto For…

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AI system learns to model how fabrics interact by watching videos

In a paper published on the preprint server, researchers at MIT CSAIL, Nvidia, the University of Washington, and the…

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COVID-KG uses AI to scan thousands of studies to answer doctors’ coronavirus questions

The number of studies about COVID-19 has risen steeply from the start of the pandemic, from around 20,000 in early…

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Advocacy groups raise concerns over Google’s $2.1 billion Fitbit bid

(Reuters) – Twenty advocacy groups from the United States, Europe, Latin America and elsewhere signed a statement Wednesday urging regulators…

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MIT takes down 80 Million Tiny Images data set due to racist and offensive content

Creators of the 80 Million Tiny Images data set from MIT and NYU took the collection offline this week, apologized,…

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Mozilla Common Voice updates will help train the ‘Hey Firefox’ wakeword for voice-based web browsing

Mozilla today released the latest version of Common Voice, its open source collection of transcribed voice data for startups, researchers,…

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Researchers find some third-party Facebook apps are misusing email addresses

Some third-party Facebook apps could be misusing user data for ransomware, spam, and targeted advertising, according to a study by…

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3 big data lessons from a COVID-19 mapping and modeling project

Gathering data at the speed of life can make it hard to discern real information from a large amount of…

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