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Perform accent-insensitive search using OpenSearch | Amazon Web Services

We often need our text search to be agnostic of accent marks. Accent-insensitive search, also called diacritics-agnostic search, is where…

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Build event-driven data pipelines using AWS Controllers for Kubernetes and Amazon EMR on EKS | Amazon Web Services

An event-driven architecture is a software design pattern in which decoupled applications can asynchronously publish and subscribe to events via…

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Implement slowly changing dimensions in a data lake using AWS Glue and Delta | Amazon Web Services

In a data warehouse, a dimension is a structure that categorizes facts and measures in order to enable users to…

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AWS Glue crawlers support cross-account crawling to support data mesh architecture | Amazon Web Services

Data lakes have come a long way, and there’s been tremendous innovation in this space. Today’s modern data lakes are…

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Deep Pool boosts software quality control using Amazon QuickSight | Amazon Web Services

Deep Pool Financial Solutions, an investor servicing and compliance solutions supplier, was looking to build key performance indicators to track…

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Visualize Confluent data in Amazon QuickSight using Amazon Athena | Amazon Web Services

This is a guest post written by Ahmed Saef Zamzam and Geetha Anne from Confluent. Businesses are using real-time data…

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Manage your data warehouse cost allocations with Amazon Redshift Serverless tagging | Amazon Web Services

Amazon Redshift Serverless makes it simple to run and scale analytics without having to manage your data warehouse infrastructure. Developers,…

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Interact with Apache Iceberg tables using Amazon Athena and cross account fine-grained permissions using AWS Lake Formation | Amazon Web Services

We recently announced support for AWS Lake Formation fine-grained access control policies in Amazon Athena queries for data stored in…

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Manage users and group memberships on Amazon QuickSight using SCIM events generated in IAM Identity Center with Azure AD | Amazon Web Services

Amazon QuickSight is cloud-native, scalable business intelligence (BI) service that supports identity federation. AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) allows…

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How AWS Payments migrated from Redash to Amazon Redshift Query Editor v2 | Amazon Web Services

AWS Payments is part of the AWS Commerce Platform (CP) organization that owns the customer experience of paying AWS invoices.…

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