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Best practices for consuming Amazon Kinesis Data Streams using AWS Lambda

Many organizations are processing and analyzing clickstream data in real time from customer-facing applications to look for new business opportunities…

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A deep dive into high-cardinality anomaly detection in Elasticsearch

In May 2020, we announced the general availability of real-time anomaly detection for Elasticsearch. With that release we leveraged the…

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Sphero spinout Company Six launches throwable, video-streaming wheeled drone for first responders

In May, Sphero, the decade-old Colorado-based company best known for its programmable robots, announced Company Six (CO6), a spinoff focused…

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Optimizing Spark applications with workload partitioning in AWS Glue

AWS Glue provides a serverless environment to prepare (extract and transform) and load large amounts of datasets from a variety…

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AI that directs drones to film ‘exciting’ shots could lower video production costs

Because of their ability to detect, track, and follow objects of interest while maintaining safe distances, drones have become an…

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Glue raises $8 million to automate customer loyalty programs

Loyalty automation platform Glue today raked in $8 million in series A funding from private investors led by Unicorn Technologies.…

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Salesforce’s Einstein platform is now serving over 80 billion predictions per day

In September 2016, Salesforce launched Einstein, an AI platform to power predictions across all of the company’s cloud-hosted products. Just…

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Percepto raises $45 million for robots that inspect critical infrastructure

Autonomous inspection solutions company Percepto today announced a $45 million round. The funds come as Percepto pivots from drone-based products…

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Data preprocessing for machine learning on Amazon EMR made easy with AWS Glue DataBrew

The machine learning (ML) lifecycle consists of several key phases: data collection, data preparation, feature engineering, model training, model evaluation,…

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Accessing and visualizing external tables in an Apache Hive metastore with Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSight

Many organizations have an Apache Hive metastore that stores the schemas for their data lake. You can use Amazon Athena…

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