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Use SQL queries to define Amazon Redshift datasets in AWS Glue DataBrew | Amazon Web Services

In the post Data preparation using Amazon Redshift with AWS Glue DataBrew, we saw how to create an AWS Glue…

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SQL Server 2022: Here’s what you need to know

Image: fullvector/Adobe Stock Must-read developer coverage Three decades on, SQL Server is still a database workhorse that powers both an…

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Schedule email reports and configure threshold based-email alerts using Amazon QuickSight | Amazon Web Services

Amazon QuickSight is a cloud-scale business intelligence (BI) service that you can use to deliver easy-to-understand insights to the people…

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Accelerate your data warehouse migration to Amazon Redshift – Part 6 | Amazon Web Services

This is the sixth in a series of posts. We’re excited to share dozens of new features to automate your…

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Scale Amazon QuickSight embedded analytics with new API-based domain allow listing | Amazon Web Services

Amazon QuickSight is a fully-managed, cloud-native business intelligence (BI) service that makes it easy to connect to your data, create…

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Create a most-recent view of your data lake using Amazon Redshift Serverless | Amazon Web Services

Building a robust data lake is very beneficial because it enables organizations have a holistic view of their business and…

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Todo PCTrans review: A great option for any Windows user’s tool kit

Image: Scott Matteson What’s hot at TechRepublic I’ve worked with EaseUS Windows products such as Partition Master, which is a…

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How SumUp built a low-latency feature store using Amazon EMR and Amazon Keyspaces | Amazon Web Services

This post was co-authored by Vadym Dolin, Data Architect at SumUp. In their own words, SumUp is a leading financial…

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Process Apache Hudi, Delta Lake, Apache Iceberg dataset at scale, part 2: Using AWS Glue Studio Visual Editor | Amazon Web Services

Transactional data lake technologies such as Apache Hudi, Delta Lake, Apache Iceberg, and AWS Lake Formation governed tables is evolving rapidly,…

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How to unhide a card in Tableau

If you’ve accidentally or intentionally hidden a card in your Tableau Worksheet and can’t figure out how to unhide it,…

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