3 Amazing and Accessible Alternatives to Cigar Humidors

Fine cigars are almost like rich wine or delicate roses; they are organic, fresh, and easily affected by their environment.

They are sophisticated products that require proper, controlled humidity and temperature conditions to maintain their freshness.

To keep cigars firm and healthy until they’re ready to be smoked, a piece of equipment called a humidor is used. Humidors are widely used throughout the world, but they aren’t the only option when it comes to storing cigars

Let’s look at a few options that can work as great replacements for humidors, if not better than humidors themselves.

What are Humidors?

Simply put, humidors are storage containers designed to control the airflow so that the cigars in them don’t rot. They are equipped with air humidity packs that maintain the humidity inside the humidors to a certain level, usually around 68% to 75%.

There are multiple brands of humidors, including various types, from pocket-sized humidors to ones that can span across the area of an entire room.

What are some Alternatives to Humidors?

Without a humidor, you would need to smoke your cigars pretty quickly, within 2-3 days before they become unsmokable.

So if you intend on keeping your cigars for more than a few days at least, then let’s look at some ways to keep them fresh using everyday items you already own, without an expensive humidor.

Tupperware Jars

Tupperware or glass containers make for a great alternative to humidors, especially if you want to keep more than a few cigars at a time. You could place a sponge or distilled water in the container for additional protection.

Distilled water or 50/50 solutions are used while storing cigars because they are free of bacteria and impurities that can create molds. It ensures that they won’t be susceptible to the chemicals present in normal tap water.

Ziploc Bag

Ziploc bags are ideal if you want to carry around a handful of cigars with you wherever you go. Using a moist sponge is the best option for Ziploc bags. To start, grab a sponge, completely soak it with distilled water, and don’t stop until it’s fully saturated.

Then all you need to do is ring out the excess water and place it in the plastic bag. This will keep the bag humid for upto several weeks. It’s important to check every now and then in case the sponge has dried up.

Cooler Containers

If your cigar stack is too big for a traditional humidor, converting a standard cooler container into a make-shift jumbo humidor is the best, most easy, and affordable option by far. At least it’s better than installing a wine fridge or buying a huge cupboard-style humidor.

The size of the cooler depends on how much space you require, and any size will work. Since it’s on a larger scale, a wet sponge would suffice, but if you want to make the most of your efforts, picking up a few liters of distilled water, a humidifier, and a hydrometer would be better. With this, you can create a homemade humidor that requires little to no maintenance for a very low price.


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