5 Tips for Effectively Advertising Outdoors

How often do you see ads on billboards or bus shelters? If you live in a big city, you’ve seen them frequently. Outdoor advertising is a significant part of your marketing campaign to get your brand noticed, but it comes at a cost. In fact, the global ad value is expected to rise above $760B by 2024.

Nevertheless, it has become a common form of marketing and accounts for nearly half of all ad spending worldwide. The problem with outdoor advertising is its cost. Its high costs push advertisers to find other effective outdoor advertising mediums to save money.

Here are some tips for outdoor advertising that do not need you to break the bank and help you maximize your budget and reach your target audience effectively.

1. Use Digital Signage

Digital signage is a great ooh advertising medium. It allows you to display your message outside your consumers’ homes, like in commuting spaces, visiting public spaces, or shopping. You can use digital signage outside your business, ensuring you position your signage in an area with maximum traffic. Your message will reach many people effortlessly and significantly impact brand awareness.

However, ensure to display your best-selling products or visuals that will draw the attention of passers-by. You can also place digital screens in areas like petrol stations or railway stations. Out-of-home advertising triggers more activity and interaction with your brand than offline marketing methods.

2. Use Your Data Effectively

Planning is an essential part of your marketing campaign. Outdoor advertising also requires adequate planning to be successful. Identify the message you want to communicate, the ad space location, and the duration of the ad. You can use available digital tools to help you build an effective strategy, placement, and timing for outdoor advertising.

In this digital era, every business that markets its products online has access to its customer data and tools that help measure the success of an ad. Get this data, analyze it, and apply it to your outdoor advertising.

3. Get Strategic OOH Locations

Online data can help you decide the ideal space for your ooh advertising. This is done by using the IP addresses of the areas providing the most conversions and click-through rates. You can also use mobile tracking to pinpoint such locations where your ooh advertising will be most successful at effectively reaching your customers.

Once you identify the key ooh advertising locations, book these sites before your competitors do. Although booking ooh advertising sites in the past was the reserve of wealthy organizations that advertise nationwide, businesses no longer need huge budget amounts to secure ooh advertising sites or fund their outdoor advertising campaign.

So, book ooh advertising sites that meet your unique requirements and add digital signage screens to display your ads at specific times when you can reach most of your consumers or target audience. Booking strategic outdoor advertising sites will ensure that your outdoor advertising campaign maximizes returns at low costs.

4. Write Your Message Clearly

The attention span of passers-by to your ooh advertising is about three seconds. In that short period, your target audience is expected to master your message and brand and how they should respond. In addition, humans process images faster than texts, making visuals a vital determinant of your ooh advertising success.

You need to be intentional about the images to use since you require images that will cut through the noise of the busy environment and reach your prospects. The image should also ensure your ad copy is visible and should fit the brand’s tone while drawing the attention of your target audience.

Also, observe these design tips: ensure your preferred font is large and clear enough for easy and quick reading. For your ad copy, observe conciseness and make it short. Since you can support your outdoor advertising with other advertising mediums like a website, make your ad copy less than six words. Then include your website if you need to send your consumers a complex message or open communication channels.

5. Add your Social Media Profiles to the Ad

When you use your outdoor advertising alongside social media, your ad’s effect is multiplied significantly. For example, find a unique hashtag to use on your ooh advertising. This way, many consumers and prospects will interact with your brand. As the digital technology merges with your outdoor ad campaigns, your campaign’s success increases significantly.

There You Have It

Advertising has always been a big part of our lives. From digital billboards to TV commercials, we see ads everywhere. Outdoor advertising is no exception. In addition, it is a cost-effective way to reach consumers.

Your business will massively benefit from digital marketing. Consider using billboard advertising as an advertising strategy if your budget allows. Also, ensure you use an effective billboard design. But if yours is a small business, consider incorporating other types of outdoor advertising in your marketing campaign.


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