7 Essential Questions to Answer Before Going Live in a Stream on Talkytimes

Are you planning to go live on a stream? Or perhaps you are thinking of launching a streaming channel? Well, before you grab the next available software and the gadgets you’d need, you should first consider some aspects that act as precursors to the success of your streaming.

There are a lot of streaming platforms where you can go live, like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Talkytimes. However, it requires more than selecting the perfect streaming platform that will enhance a profitable stream.

Streaming is another huge frontier for client engagement, brand establishment, and marketing of products and services. Therefore, you’ve got to give it your best shot to position well and stand out in the industry.

If you believe you’re ready to go live in a stream or you’re ready to launch your first streaming channel, ensure you answer these 7 essential questions:

  • What is My Goal for Going Live on a Stream?

This is an important question that will help you know the kind of results you should be expecting. Therefore, your efforts should be directed toward a definite purpose.

Here are some examples of questions to begin with if you want to be a successful streamer on Talkytimes and other platforms:

  • Are you going to focus on responding to clients’ questions? 
  • Will you be launching a new product or service? 
  • Will you be teaching your viewers something new? 
  • Are you streaming a live event?

Although as you progress in your live streaming endeavors, you may advance to accommodate more than one category of goal, it’s crucial to understand what the central focus of each stream should be, what result you seek to achieve, and how you want to measure the success of your efforts.

  • What Platform Will Be the Best for My Streams?

Selecting the perfect platform for your streaming is dependent on the kind of viewers you are anticipating on your stream. Some of the best ways to choose the right platform for your streaming is to discover which platforms your target clients frequently use and those they don’t. 

There are different platforms for different audiences, so you should choose the one with the greatest potential to attract the exact audience you need. Some of these platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. However, you can stream from Talkytimes and connect with people from all these social media channels without the need to promote your channel.

You can also broadcast across many channels like Amazon, Vimeo, Microsoft teams, and several others.

  • What Setting Is Appropriate For My Streams?

Your streaming settings are crucial if you want a successful stream. Therefore, you’ll need to choose the most satisfactory setting from which you’ll perform your live stream. Clients have zero tolerance for an awful stream, so they won’t hesitate to shift to the next available streamer’s platform.

Therefore, as you ensure your connection is uninterrupted and of high quality, ensure your location is conducive enough to foster a beneficial viewing adventure. 

Here are some things you might want to consider before choosing your streaming setting/location:

  • Is the location given plenty of noise? 
  • Is it possible that your sister or brother will barge in, talking enough that your audience can hear it?

You will need to consider these cases, then pick a streaming setting that insulates you from all those mentioned above. The Talkytimes platform is a comfortable space for your streaming. Sign up to get monetized!

  • What’s My Streaming Plan?

You should prepare adequately before going live on a stream. Do this as you would for other special events. You may have watched some live streams and noticed how interesting and organized they appear. That’s a product of proper planning and setup. The way you love the live streaming of others is the same way you should put in the work to create powerful content that will hold your audience spellbound!

Furthermore, understand your target audience to make videos tailored to their needs. Also, endeavor to find out your audience’s time zone if you’re streaming outside your country or continent. 

Again, draft a captivating headline for your video. Write out the points you want to speak on; you can get a moderator (although optional) to help ensure you exhaust your points and round off at the appropriate time.

Ultimately, stream from a very nice and conducive environment. Don’t make a good stream in a bad environment filled with noise and other distractions. Note that your environment can attract more viewers and clients. Likewise, an unwelcoming environment can make you lose your viewers. The goal is for people to always tune in and watch your videos consistently. 

  • Which Equipment will I Require for Streaming?

While it is very easy to take out your smartphone and begin live streaming, that does not imply that it is a decent option for your business needs. Although there may be some circumstances where the unexpected “I had an idea I needed to share quickly, so I just brought out my phone and began a live stream” method can be wonderful. However, in most cases, it can cause poor audio and video quality and, finally, a lower turnout of viewers.

Therefore, use high-quality live streaming equipment and ensure your lighting is bright and clear enough. According to Conley, “if you must use a phone, use a tripod.” Why? Because “there’s nothing worse than recording a Facebook Live and having your arm start to fall asleep five minutes into the recording,” she advises. “Use a phone tripod to give your live streaming a professional look.”

Always make your streams professional, ranging from your sound, video clarity, and brightness. Test run your microphones and consider using a noise-trapping mic. 

  • Do I Want To Generate Revenue from My Content Deliveries?

Ask yourself whether you will generate revenue from the content you deliver. Find out exactly how you plan to achieve that- whether you will sell promotions and episodes as a transaction or offer a signup-based service. How will access be given?

Signup-based services deliver more reliable returns and expect responsibility from both the customer and the provider. In contrast, transactional types frequently need fresh content to keep up with sales leveled with the price to facilitate them by the providers. These services include the more complicated feature of integrating with a charge entry to approve funds by country and currency category, coupled with trading through an app shop that charges commissions per every sale you make.

Promotion-based types need conventional viewers before the advertisers are attracted to purchasing advertising space. Therefore, following this model, you will be required to put in targeted promotions, ideally during advertising breaks directly inside the live feed. That will instruct you to select between SSAI, customer-side advertising attachment, or a combination of both. Advertisers will need a strong set of analytics to ascertain the return on their venture.

Content delivery goes beyond making sure that your content reaches your target audience. Understanding real-time measures on new user subscriptions and existing user permits are crucial to discerning trial request potency and conversions to paid subscribers. Eventually, the simplest concern is often the most difficult to provide a solution to. How much cash do I use to guarantee each revenue bill is provided and estimated?

If you are looking for a comfortable platform where you can demonstrate your unique talents and also monetize your knowledge, you can sign up on Talkytimes and get yourself started!

  • When Should I Go Live?

Your specific streaming time is as crucial as understanding your target viewers and the suitable platform you will use for your streaming! That is mostly if you and many of your viewers are from different time zones. Find out if there are time zones that you will need to consider.

However, if your viewers are scattered across many time zones with wide variations, you may be required to make multiple live streams that can adapt to each time zone of your target viewers. You can run this in one day or a series of days.

After you have specified the different time zones of your target audience, deciding whether you will perform your live stream at daybreak, afternoon, or night will depend on your viewers’ lifestyle or habits. That is where audience analytics and inquiry will most possibly solve the problem.

Always keep this in mind: no matter how carefully planned and excellently presented your live streams are, it is still a waste of time and resources if people don’t visit or watch them.


With these 7 essential steps we have shared, you’re on your way to making your live stream a memorable experience for yourself and your audience. That is because providing solid answers to these questions will enable you to establish an outstanding stream and build a large audience following for your channel. 

Sign up on the Talkytimes streaming platform to start executing all you have learned from this article now!

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