Crypto Trading Platforms To Choose For Beginners

In 2009, Bitcoin was developed and introduced to the public – since its release, the world of Cryptocurrency has caught the attention of millions of people. Throughout the years, the market has shown a constant increase of users who are fond of creating transactions in the market. Given how this new trend has done things in shaping the future of finance, it’s safe to say that Cryptocurrency can aid in transforming the future of business.

Despite the advantages and benefits, it provides to its users, there’s no denying that when it comes to stability, the crypto market is not reliable. This field unsurprisingly goes through random changes in terms of market value, as this is due to its volatile nature. Due to this behaviour, users must know that earning is not linear, and you might encounter low values in an instant; to prepare for this, be knowledgeable about the different exchanges, read price charts, and gear some tips if you’re planning to invest and trade. 

As the market is growing popular, more and more newcomers join the trend of investing and trading. Most of the newbies have little to no knowledge at all about the serious risks that come with it. Unlike traditional money where your only concern is where to store your funds, the market is slightly different – aside from money, you need to ensure that your personal data and privacy are safe as well.

Everything comes with risks, so for some people, this factor may not be enough reason to back out. To be fair, there were actual people who benefited from crypto trading and it just shows that the market requires users to do research, be patient, and stay knowledgeable. The path that you’re relying on your career to relies on the first step of the actual process: choosing an exchange. 

With the long list of exchanges out there, not all are beginner-friendly. To be on the safe side, you might want to start your career with these crypto platforms: 

  1. Coinbase

Since 2012, Coinbase has continuously attracted traders and investors, making it earn a spot on the list of successful exchanges that helps people succeed. Around 68 million verified users in 100 different countries have been using its unique features – not to mention the worry-free feeling these users have investing in a well-established exchange.

If security is your major concern, Coinbase would probably earn your trust immediately. In addition to its user-friendly features to aids newcomers, this platform offers additional security measures. This feature allows its users to feel extra safe and confident in storing their hard-earned digital funds in Coinbase.

  1. Binance

For traders who want to follow the tip of diversifying investments,  Binance is known for this feature. This platform allows diversifying and even provide 600 altcoins in their system for traders to utilise. With its incomparable diversified system, Binance proved to be reliable, leaving other platforms no chance when it comes to the art of diversifying.

Don’t settle for less – Binance does not only provide multiple altcoins for trading! This exchange grants its users to use of their system’s enhanced tools and resources to make their trading life smooth and efficient. Binance system’s advanced features is not a hindrance for users, even newbies, not to enjoy and take advantage of it. Binance app is one of the best when it comes to user-friendly features – providing tutorials and educational videos to aid users, from terminologies to understanding how the process works.

Binance is one of the biggest trading platforms, and that certainly comes with a risk: it is not the easiest to learn. 

  1. eToro

When it comes to the number of years, eToro is certainly the one to beat. Founded in the United Kingdom, the reputation of this platform has spread throughout Europe. Aside from a long list of assets for its users to buy, sell or trade, eToro acts as a safe space for investors to train their trading skills and take some time to come up with an effective strategy before engaging in the real world using real funds.

  1. Bitcoin Superstar

For traders who want to skip the waiting period and just skip to immediate results, Bitcoin Superstar is the ideal choice. This platform has an advanced technology that displays trade completion quickly; this technology has been proven to be seconds faster compared to its rivals. Bitcoin Superstar is not just fast but is also efficient – its system manages all the patterns that appear and ensure they stay on track and handle various tasks at the same time.

Bitcoin Superstar’s system updates any trading parameters that are proposed by users automatically. This platform’s rules consists of low and high totals, including the user’s chosen currencies. This exchange scans the Cryptocurrency market for the best trades and can be activated anytime. In addition, the Bitcoin Superstar’s payout system examines the users’ profits automatically, which means users have the option to either take the whole profit or reinvest the profit in the market.

Bitcoin Superstar follows a distinct system that assists its traders in maximising their profits from the market. This platform’s system extensively studies the market in real-time through an artificial intelligence-based algorithm and hunts for the best profit opportunities based on many factors like historical data and volume fluctuations. In addition, the system incorporates artificial intelligence, which studies the market movements and confirms some triggers which affect how transactions get carried out.

  1. BlockFi

If features are all you want, BlockFi won’t disappoint. This platform consists of many features compared to other platforms such as allowing its users to lend Cryptocurrency to fellow crypto enthusiasts and earn profit with interest from it, or the other way around. Also, if you’re planning to hold your assets first, BlockFi allows you to do it plus giving you interest over time.

It’s important to master the important things to know before investing in Cryptocurrency to prevent experiencing a rough patch and be part of the list of investors who are unsuccessful in the Cryptocurrency trading world. It’s important to know and understand the types of Cryptocurrencies, their storage types, privacy, and learn how to read their price history to take advantage of the market’s volatility and use it to your advantage.

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