Everything You Need to Know about the Singapore VTL Entry Rules

In 2021, Singapore introduced Vaccinated Travel (VTL) flights from Australia and other destinations worldwide. This deal allowed fully vaccinated Singaporeans, foreign passport holders, and permanent residents to travel to the country using special VTL flights.

Over the past year, Singapore has modified the deal and added more countries to the VTL flights list. Below are the details of everything you need to know about the Singapore VTL entry rules as an Australian.

What is the VTL?

The VTL scheme allows people that meet specified criteria to travel to Singapore from the countries on its list. These travellers must board designated VTL flights available in a few countries.

Travellers from Australia started using VTL flights in November last year. Some airlines that have VTL flights in their fleet include Jetstar, Jetstar Asia, Scoot, Singapore Airlines, and Qantas.

However, the VTL scheme may be nearing its end. The minister of health in Singapore recently announced that the VTL is losing its necessity. He said his country is considering allowing vaccinated and fully vaccinated individuals to travel to Singapore without quarantine restrictions. Currently, the VTL offers special flights for travellers from low-risk destinations. By abolishing the VTL initiative, Singapore hopes to shift focus from quarantine and testing to ensure that all travellers receive complete vaccine doses and booster shots.

The minister didn’t disclose when they planned to implement the new rules. As such, it’s worth knowing about the VTL while it’s still active.

VTL Eligibility Criteria

You must satisfy the VTL eligibility criteria to fly to Singapore using a designated flight. The rules became effective on February 21 and are subject to frequent changes. For this reason, it’s advisable to consult a travel agent before booking your trip.

Here are the rules:

You Must Book a Designated VTL Flight

You must book a designated VTL flight if you want to travel to Singapore. If you’re currently in Australia, check with one of the carriers mentioned earlier in the article.

Purchase Travel Insurance

Every traveller must purchase travel insurance cover worth at least $30,000. This insurance policy must cover coronavirus-related medical expenses. Also, it is highly recommended that you organise insurance before boarding your flight.

You Must Be Fully Vaccinated

Additionally, you must have completed your coronavirus vaccination at least two weeks before travelling to Singapore. The vaccine must be recognised by the World Health Organisation, such as AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer.

You Must Have Negative COVID-19 Test Results

You must test negative for COVID-19 before you travel to Singapore. The test must be two days or less old before departing from Australia.

Notably, people whose flights are stopping through Changi Airport during their trip mustn’t take a test before departure. However, some carriers require passengers to get tested before boarding.

Apply for a VTP

You should apply for a Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) before landing at Changi Airport, whether you’re a tourist or going to work in Singapore. Citizens and permanent residents don’t require this pass.

The requirements for getting a VTP include your passport details and proof of vaccination. You must also prove that you haven’t visited countries that aren’t on the VTL list a week before travelling to Singapore. If you had received your jabs in Australia, you could use your International COVID-19 Certificate as proof.

Get Tested Upon Arrival

Earlier, the VTL entry rules required all travellers to undertake a PCR test after landing in Singapore. From February 22, Singaporean authorities started accepting supervised self-swab tests conducted 24 hours after arrival in a recognised testing facility.

Download the Contact Tracing App

Lastly, you must download the TraceTogether app and acquire a TraceTogether token if you want to visit Singapore. These tools are helpful for contact tracing if you test positive for the coronavirus or interact with a person suffering from the disease.

Wrapping Up

Although the objective is curbing the spread of COVID-19, VTL entry rules are strict. You also need several documents that take time to obtain to satisfy the requirements. However, choose an experienced and reputable travel company to help you with all the necessary paperwork to travel to Singapore.

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