Experience Fantastic Fun at these 6 Theme Parks of Dubai

The land of opportunities, fun and adventure is the one and only Dubai in the UAE. The city is a delight for tourists who come here for family vacations, solo trips or with friends. One of the most-visited places in the world, Dubai stands out in terms of its attractions. They are several and perhaps innumerable when counted. There are tall skyscrapers, and innovative architecture to behold. There are man-made wonders such as the Palm Jumeriah and the world islands.

The theme parks are an inseparable part of Dubai for delightful fun and frolic activities that pull tourists who visit this wonderland. There are water parks, amusement parks, animation character-based parks and there are parks that take you back to the Earth’s distant past. All of them are equally mesmerizing and awe-inspiring. The place is specially for kids, so if you are travelling with kids – they will actually have fun.

Here is a glance at a few of them.

The Super-hero adventure is unstoppable

IMG Worlds of Adventure- This is one of the best adventurous places you can visit in Dubai. Right in the heart of Dubai is the world’s largest indoor theme park, the IMG Worlds of Adventure. Tourists visit this place for a whole of fun and thrill. The kids are hugely attracted to this place as they get to meet their superheroes from the Marvel Comics and Cartoon network.

It has 5 Epic Zones. They are IMG Boulevard, Cartoon Network, Marvel, Novo Cinemas and the Lost Valley. IMG Worlds of Adventure lets you experience amazing rides and roller coasters themed on the superheroes SpireMan, Avengers, Power Puff girls and many more. Take swirling rides and winding roller coasters with the ancient gigantic  Dinosaurs in the Lost Valley. Enter the world of horror and spine-chilling adventures in the Haunted Hotel rides. IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park has much more. It is a wholesome family entertainment spot in Dubai.

Visit the park of the Prehistoric age

Dinosaur Park Dubai- Nothing less exciting is the Dinosaur Park Dubai theme park within the Glow Garden Dubai. Here you can venture out and walk along with these huge prehistoric creatures from geological eras of the Earth’s past. Dinosaur Park Dubai entertains you with the 100 animation-enabled dinosaurs that roam all over space spread over 60 acres.

Meet the varied species of these ancient creatures and listen to their spine-chilling roar. At Dinosaur Park Dubai you may learn a little more about these giant creatures in the museum. Here you can see the huge skeletons of these creatures and know more about their life cycle from origin to disappearance. Experience the fun part here with some of the amazing rides all on the Dinosaur theme.

Make a splash with water theme parks

Wild Wadi Water Park- When in Dubai you cannot give water park adventure a miss. There are several of them. But the Wild Wadi Water Park near the Burj al Arab hotel is a great way to spend an entire day. There are 30 rides to engage you. Take the lazy river ride or the surfing at the Wipeout and Riptide Flow riders for an extreme thrill. How would it feel to pass through 3 tornadoes back to back? You will find this amazing adventure only at the Wild Wadi water park. The only park to have a roller coaster ride with tornadoes.

Aquaventure waterpark- This water theme park is at the Atlantis. A place that will give a push to adventure buffs with 105 rides and with a dedicated kids’ splash area. Going over the rapids and plunge a 27-meter vertical waterfall the fun here seems never-ending. . Enjoy relaxing moments here at the 1 km stretch of private beach at the Aquaventure waterpark.

Get in the shoes of a skilled builder with Legos

Legoland-  Dubai is an ongoing thrill-filled place to be. All the more when you visit here with kids and family. Enter the place that has 4 themed zones within. Namely, Adventure, Lego City, Imagination and Kingdoms. Building skills with legos keep the kids engaged at Lego City. There are numerous activities to do in the free play area such as Boat ride, Sea Port, City Airport and Rescue Academy.

Unleash your creativity in the Imagination zone with building activities. Some of them are Master Builders, Friends and Duplo Valley and more of similar kinds. This place never ceases to amaze you with its innovative and creative ideas that have turned into real-life objects.

Snow Snow everywhere at Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai- This is certainly a must-visit place on your visit to Dubai. Experience this largest ski adventure at this indoor facility in Dubai. It will give you the chill in the middle of the desert. Learn a bit of skiing with the crash course here and zoom through the slopes of this 3000 square meters snow park. You can engage in free play with snowball throws or ride through the snow over the zipline as per your choice. The fun of the winter at Ski Dubai is unbeatable.

Bollywood Calling here

The Bollywood theme park gives a glimpse of the cinema experience of Mumbai right here in Dubai. There are 5 themed zones here by the names of Royal Plaza, Bollywood Film and Studios, Mumbai Chowk, Rustic Ravine and Bollywood Boulevard. Visit the different cultures of India at the boulevard or walk through the rural part of India showcased in movies like Sholay. Experience life on the Mumbai streets with interesting rides at the Mumbai Chowk and much more. The Bollywood Film Studios take you around the many interesting cinemas sets that you saw only on the big screen. This is an amazing place to visit to get an exclusive cinematic experience.

Dubai is unending in its capacity to give the fun element of a great holiday. It has so much and so many varieties of theme parks. All of them are one notch above the other. As a tourist pick the ones that attract you the most. The fun will never end.

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