German Gambling and the 2021 Interstate Treaty

Germany has had a long and complicated relationship with gambling. While German nationals are well-known for their love of football, casinos, and gambling, the country has long been associated with prohibitive and rigid legislation regarding betting online. The 2021 Interstate Treaty has changed all this, but the question remains. What is the Treaty, and how will its passing affect gamblers in Germany?

What is the 2021 Interstate Treaty on Gambling?

The revised Interstate Treaty on Gambling is a piece of landmark legislation that has changed how German gamblers can legally bet online. The country’s gambling regulations were previously outlined at state and federal levels, which means that certain rules were outlined according to the jurisdictions of separate states. The new Treaty is applicable at a federal level, meaning its guidelines are applicable across the country. The new Treaty has enabled online casinos and iGaming providers to expand their game catalogs. Whereas online sportsbook betting remains legal, players may now enjoy legal access to slot machines, poker, and other casino table games. If you’re looking for the best German online casinos, check out this selection of platforms highly rated by German players. In the meantime, let’s take a look at three of the most noteworthy features of the new legislation:

  • Regulation: Online casinos and iGaming operators in the country must abide by blanket restrictions and regulations, such as the introduction of self-exclusion systems to curb problem gambling. Under the new legislation, casino operators could face hefty fines for failing to meet such standards, including those related to social responsibility and anti-money laundering controls.
  • Controlled Gameplay: Despite the fact that iGaming sites may now provide their players with more options when it comes to games, the revised treaty has imposed strict controls on the gameplay provided. This includes measures to control the number of players/seating/tables and regulations surrounding auto-play features, betting limits, and live casino betting online.
  • Scrutiny: In order to meet the new federal standards and acquire legal licensing, operators must abide by certain rules and regulations – these include restrictions to advertising times (no gambling-related advertising between 6 am and 9 pm) and have registered office premises in either the EU or EEA. This is to ensure that gamblers are kept safe and to prevent safeguarding breaches as reported in the UK.

Four Types of Gambling Covered by the Treaty?

The revised 2021 Interstate Treaty on Gambling signifies a dramatic extension of gambling regulations in Germany, a country long considered to have some of the most rigid gambling laws in Germany. That said, which four types of gambling are covered under the new legislation?

  • Online Casino Table Games: According to the new Interstate Treaty, players based in Germany may now access and play a variety of classic casino table games online. While players have long been able to access such content illegally, it’s now possible to play with reputable and licensed sites safely. Popular table games with German online casino punters include roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, and sic bo.
  • Virtual Slots: Virtual slots and video slot machines are amongst the most popular choice of games for casino players in Germany. The enduring popularity of slots with players old and new is due to their playability, accessibility, low-skill level, and the fact that it’s possible to win some staggering jackpots from minimal wagers and deposits. Slots are also perfectly suited to potentially lucrative online bonus offers.
  • Online Poker: Poker is another popular choice with German gamblers that has seen soaring popularity in recent years. Under the new guidance, players based in the country can enjoy playing a range of digital poker games online, such as Texas Hold ’em, Omaha Stud, Pot Limit Omaha, Caribbean Stud Poker, Casino Hold ’em, and Pai Gow Poker.
  • Sports Betting: There are approximately 33 licensed sports betting/sportsbook operators currently in business in Germany. When it comes to sports, German gamblers love betting on horse racing, hockey, basketball, cricket, and even Aussie-rules football. In particular, gambling on Bundesliga football is extremely popular in the German market – the country is famed for its strong football heritage and culture, with the most popular clubs including FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and VfB Stuttgart.

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