How should I start when she wants sexting?

Most people think that it’s the easiest thing in the world to just start sexting with someone. Those people probably haven’t done a whole lot of it in their lives. That’s because sexting can be a very difficult thing to do if you’re not used to it. You have to know what to say and how to say it when things get hot and heavy. It’s bad enough when it’s you that’s starting things off, but what happens when it’s the woman who really wants to sext. That adds a whole new layer to what’s going on. Now you’re just kind of thrust into it and you have to learn to sink or swim right away. The last thing that you want to do is tell her that you don’t know how to make her happy. Lots of guys end up saying the wrong things and it ruins the whole mood. Just take a look at this article from Dating Metrics. They go into detail about the worst things that a guy can say while he’s sexting. It’s a great way to get your footing so you can build upon the information and really get good at sexting with her.

Find out what kind of girl she is

The very first thing to do is establish what kind of girl she happens to be when she’s sexting. It might be totally different from how she normally is. If you have a girl who’s kind of shy and buttoned up when she’s in public then it’s a safe bet to say that she’s a freak when it comes to the bedroom. Additionally, if she’s normally somewhat vanilla in the bedroom then she might just be really kinky when she’s on the phone and sexting with you.

Kinky Chat with Fetish model Kristina Beaudet from arousr on Vimeo.

If she looks anything like this girl then you can be sure that she’s into some weird and sexy stuff that you’ll get to enjoy. The best way to figure it all out is to ask her what she’s thinking about doing to you. That’s going to open up her mind to all of the different possibilities that she has in front of her. It’s the perfect opportunity for her to let her imagination run wild and really let you know what’s going on inside her head. If she goes straight to the fetish stuff then you have to keep up with her.

Enjoy her fetishes with her

If you have a fetish girl on your hands then you have to figure out how to really make her happy with her kinks. That’s going to take some work from you. This is a good chance for you to check out this article from Rebellious Magazine. It’s a whole guide to enjoying the kinds of fetishes that she likes, even if you’re not super into them. The best case scenario is that you end up liking the fetish just as much as she does. It’s not an uncommon thing to happen at all and all it takes is a willingness to try and make her happy. If, however, you’re still not into it, just remember that you’re only sexting. It doesn’t matter what she wants to do over the phone with you. The things that happen in the bedroom will likely stay the same exact way and you’ll never have to worry about it. It’s also a good time to bring up your own kinks and fetishes. If you’re putting in the work to enjoy her kinks, she’s going to have to do the same for you so you’re both on even ground.

Practice with easy women

If you’re still dreading the day that she wants to sext with you then all you have to do is practice before it happens. You can find women all over the internet that love to sext with random strangers. You can be one of those strangers if you can get yourself onto the right kind of site. If you are an introvert or extrovert, the best way is to meet and mingle with sexting girls at arousr.com. It’s easy to use and you can check it out for as long as you want before you decide to use it. Take your cues from the girls that are there and you’ll have the swing of sexting in no time flat. Don’t worry about cheating on her, either. You’re doing it all for her and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Just go and see how the really kinky girls like to go about their sexting and it will give you all of the information you need to bring into your sexting sessions. It’s one choice that you’re never going to end up regretting and she’ll love your new enthusiasm when it comes to getting kinky over a hot and steamy sexting session.

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