Mikhail Fedosovsky: Efficient Solutions for High-Tech Industries

The head of the Diakont company is a talented engineer, competent leader and successful entrepreneur. Mikhail Fedosovsky has been working in high-tech industries for more than forty years and has won international acclaim for his achievements. He and the Diakont team received numerous prestigious awards for their work. The company supplies equipment to plants and factories in the U.S., Japan, China, Germany and France.


  • Beginning of the career path in science
  • Business creation
  • Among the global leaders: results of thirty years of work
  • The Motion Control project and entering new markets

Beginning of the Career Path in Science

The future entrepreneur was born in 1959 in present-day Uzbekistan. He finished his degree in plasma-chemical process engineering at a technological university and found a job in this professional field.

The young worker soon earned well-deserved recognition as a great professional. Three years after he started his career, he was invited to work in a major production department where he was offered the position of a lead engineer. At the same time, he acted as a chief designer, doing scientific research and developing innovative samples of electro-optical technology products.

Business Creation

In 1990, the entrepreneur decided to create his own company that would produce radiation-hardened television control systems for large industrial and power facilities. Thus Diakont was founded. The major milestones of the company include:

  • signing a contract with a transnational corporation ABB TRC (Sweden — Switzerland);
  • starting a long-term partnership with Remote Ocean Systems (U.S.);
  • signing a contract with Westinghouse (U.S.);
  • opening Diakont Advanced Technologies, a representative office of the company in San Diego (U.S.);
  • adding AREVA (France) to the list of customers.

Working with these partners, the company developed an excellent reputation, which later on allowed it to gain its part of the American, European and Asian markets.

Mikhail Fedosovsky’s company Diakont regularly performs industry and scientific events

Among The Global Leaders: Results of Thirty Years of Work

Today Diakont is a large production company with over 1,300 employees and representative offices in many countries in the world. The fully integrated manufacturing process allows Diakont to control all production stages and ensure the highest quality of the final product.

The company founded by Mikhail Fedosovsky is now one of the world leaders in the segment. Remarkably, it holds leading positions both in the technological and business areas — its equipment is in high demand in the power and manufacturing industries.

Diakont is constantly developing new technology products, including innovative robotic systems for pipelines, high-precision inspection and maintenance equipment, and process control systems for NPPs. These products not only provide customers with the best process safety solutions but also offer them great financial benefits.

The company cooperates with many leading companies in high-tech industries — most notably, it acts as a strategic partner to Structural Integrity (U.S.).

Mikhail Fedosovsky — the founder of a world-class high-tech company

The Motion Control Project and Entering New Markets

Mikhail Fedosovsky’s life motto is “you need to consider your decisions carefully.” One of his recent strategic decisions was to develop the mass market segment and start working with a wide range of customers. The idea is to launch the manufacturing of high-tech products that will result in dozens of thousands of units per year.

With this purpose in mind, the company included the Motion Control solutions in its strategic plan as a new priority. This growth plan involves designing and manufacturing customized electromechanical actuators adapted to the needs of the customer with the price comparable to the one in mass-production.

Diakont opened a new facility in Italy for the new production. It has a complex approach to the manufacturing of the products, which means that it produces everything from the microcircuits to the software for the equipment.

These systems — a great alternative to low-tech hydraulics — are already in great demand in the global market. For example, they are installed in turbines, cars and airplanes. The new strategy is being implemented successfully: the company is now among the top 5 world leaders in this tech segment.

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