SAND Price Predictions And What Experts Have To Say! [ Beginners’ Guide to SandBox ]

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are making their way to being the top crypto investments. The increase in the interest in the metaverse is one of the reasons why NFTs surge in prices. One of these metaverse plays that topped NFTs investment is the SandBox project. 

In this article, we will talk about the SandBox network, its native token SAND and experts’ opinions on the future of the metaverse projects. Let this article walk you through the following topics:

  • The SandBox Network Future: What the Experts Have to Say?
  • The SandBox Network Overview: Why is it One of the  Top Metaverse Projects?
  • The SAND Token: Why Invest? 

The SandBox Network Future: What the Experts Have to Say?

Yuya Hasegawa, a cryptocurrency influencer, predicted that the SandBox Metaverse and the sale of collaborative items with celebrities would attract investors. Thus, boosting the company’s stock price to even higher levels.

Dan Ashmore, a well-known cryptographer, estimates that SAND will be worth $8 billion in its diluted market cap in the next few years. 

One of the primary reasons experts see better recognition and adaptation for the SandBox is its launch of  Alpha Season 2. This new upgrade will allow you to gain more playing and learning experience. Thus, SAND is projected to grow, both in ecosystem growth and metaverse participation.

Let us look at some SAND price predictions published by reliable crypto media sites.

According to an article titled SandBox Price Forecast published by Wallet Investor, the SAND token could take an upward trend from its current price of $1.3. It will reach a possible $6 average price in a year. 

In the year 2025, SAND has the potential to reach the maximum price of $11 in 2025. This is the price prediction made by Tech News-Leader after their in-house technical analysis of the SAND charts. 

CryptoQuadriga made another SAND Price Prediction. According to the media site, SAND can reach the maximum price value of $50 in 2028. Experts from the site said that it might look dramatic. 

However, according to Coin Price Forecast, the highest price value that SAND can reach before the end of 2030 is $16.60. The site also claimed that the SAND token can reach the $20 mark two years after in 2032. 

The SandBox Network Overview: Why is it One of the  Top Metaverse Projects?

Sandbox is an online gaming environment where users may utilise SAND, the Ethereum platform’s utility token, to create, own, and sell game experiences.

“We have intended to create a deeply interactive metaverse where players will encounter the real world,” according to the Sandbox whitepaper. It has also noted that “centralised rights prevent the centralisation of content in the gaming business.”

Users have access to various new technologies that empower their experiences and give them ownership of the content they create. VoXEditor is a 3D rendering program for Windows and Mac users, ranging from humans to animals. Furthermore, this 3D model may be exported from Voxeditor to the Sandbox market, and players can now purchase these things.

The SAND Token: Why Invest?

Pixowl created the Sandbox, a game console. It is a blockchain system that combines cryptocurrencies with games to provide a fresh blend of non-fungible cryptos.

The SAND is now the Sandbox platform’s native Ingame token, and it’s a crucial tool that may be utilised throughout the Metaverse. The token facilitates the purchase and sale of real estate and serves as the foundation for all platform transactions.


The advantages and enormous potential of Sandbox make hanging on to its native token, SAND, for more extended periods a profitable decision. Several technological advancements in the Metaverse have the potential to raise pricing. Nonetheless, because there are no significant impacts, it can help evaluate these projections. Before investing in cryptocurrencies, it is also critical to conduct research.


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