Should You Wait to Buy Life Insurance?

It’s easy to think that life insurance isn’t a time-sensitive issue. After all, many people only begin to consider purchasing a life insurance policy when they start a family. But even if a family isn’t in your long-term plan, or if you’re just starting to follow a financial plan, an early investment in life insurance will help you save money and secure your financial future.

Should I wait to get a life insurance plan?

While you might think you’ll save money by only buying life insurance when it’s necessary, it can actually be financially sounder to buy life insurance earlier in your life.

If you purchase a life insurance policy at a young age, you can lock in a cheaper premium that will save you money on your policy as you grow older. This is because life insurance comes with lower costs for people who are younger and in good health.

Benefits of buying life insurance early

Here are some advantages of getting a life insurance policy early on:

Find the lowest premiums for term life insurance

Although permanent life insurance can charge expensive premiums regardless of age, term life insurance plans will charge higher premiums the older the customer is obtaining a cheaper premium on a monthly cost such as life insurance can add up over time. You’ll find these lower prices will make saving and retirement planning much easier. Not to mention you’ll still have life insurance in case the worst should happen.

Be prepared earlier

The sooner you obtain life insurance coverage, the sooner you won’t have to worry about whether your family or loved ones are secure. The point of life insurance is to prepare for the worst, and you can do that faster and more affordably if you purchase coverage early on.

Purchasing a life insurance plan when you’re young gives you the freedom and security to make the next steps in your life, such as raising a family or providing care for your loved ones. Prepare for these events early, and you can save money for you and your family’s future.

Purchase coverage before health complications

Unforeseen health problems can make the insurance application process more difficult. If you apply for life insurance coverage after suffering from a long-term illness, your premiums may become much higher, and some providers may even reject your application.

Applying for life insurance earlier in your life reduces the chance of having to pay a higher premium or facing outright rejection from a provider. You may also face less extensive medical examinations, since some providers may require extra tests if you apply with a preexisting condition.

Build cash value for your permanent life insurance

If you have a permanent life insurance plan, such as a whole life plan, you can save even more money by accumulating cash value alongside your premium payments. The more premiums you pay, the more your plan’s cash value increases.

Of course, an early investment in a whole life plan allows you to save as much money as possible. This type of investment can start to grow quickly if you give it time and resources.

Don’t wait to purchase life insurance

Expensive life insurance premiums can be a thorn in the side of any retirement or savings plan. Purchase life insurance as soon as you can to save more long-term and to avoid any unnecessary headaches that might come with purchasing a plan later in life. This way, you can lock in cheaper annual premiums and make sure your loved ones will have the financial protection they need early on.

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