The Unspoken Rules Of Chatting You Should Know Before Making Friends Online

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Online chatting has been there since the creation of the internet, most traditional forms of communication have now been replaced by online chatting. To improve online chatting, there has been a growth in the number of communication sites. A good example is Placetochat, which are platforms where people who feel a lack of communication with each other can go to communicate and entertain one another.

Chatting online is different from other forms of communication and so it comes with its own rules that need to be observed.

In this article we are going to explain some of these rules, so you can use them next time you want to go online to chat with new friends.

If you’ve been chatting online for some time now, then you already know that privacy is not something guaranteed. Sending a message to a wrong person is something that happens more often. Sending a wrong message to someone especially if it is sensitive, is one mistake you don’t want to make. So our opening rule is always check your recipient to ensure the message is meant for them.  

  • Be Professional When Necessary

Online communication platforms like Placetochat are not just meant for friends who want to chit chat and entertain themselves. There are not so many rules on what you can’t say or do while chatting with your friends. But when it comes to professional communication, you will need to follow through with all the necessary communication guidelines. Most professional communications require you to be focused and stick to the topic of communication. Also avoid diverting the topic you are talking about to other issues. If you and the other party are talking about best film titles, try to keep to the topic and don’t suddenly divert to other issues.

  • Remember You Are Chatting With Humans

In any chat always keep in mind that you are talking to a person on the other side, and you need to treat them like you would like to be treated. At the beginning of your conversation remember to greet and be respectful, don’t say things that annoy or provoke someone to anger.

Also don’t forget to introduce yourself if you are chatting with someone for the first time. Being grateful is also very important. So with every small compliment you get, try to be thankful as this makes whoever you are chatting with feel appreciated.

  • Mind What Other People Want In Communication

Anytime you want to get quick answers from anyone, chats may or may not be the quickest way to do that. However, for someone to receive your messages quickly, they will need to turn on their notifications settings or alerts. So whenever you send a message and don’t get a respond quickly, you need to understand that the other person may not be online or is just not ready to give a response at that particular time.  

You may want to try other modes of communication if you need quick responses, such as making calls, instead of sending plain texts.

  • Give Quick Responses

When someone sends you a text message, they will most likely expect a quick response. Your friend may want you to join them for dinner or lunch, or your boss may want to attend an emergency meeting. You’ll need to give quick responses. If you are not available, you may want to change your profile on the chat platform to show other users that you are away. Some sites will automatically show you are not online, but if that is not the case, you may have to do it manually.

  • Don’t Be Distracted

If you have so much to do during the day, it is easy to leave someone on the chat and get distracted. Having dinner while trying to chat with a new friend you just met on Placetochat, is not such a bad thing to do, but your attention can easily get drifted and you will forget about the chat all together till later in the night. So it is always advisable to set time and focus on communication, let the other person know you have set time for the chat, because you have other things to attend to later on. 

In addition, don’t engage in friendly chats while attending serious matters, chatting may take your attention away from work. If this happens, you may not be able to complete your work in time.

  • Avoid Spelling Errors And Other Formatting Mistakes

Some errors such as capitalization can be accepted, but any other type of error that changes the meaning of the message, should be avoided. Also avoid sending any incomplete messages, be mindful of your keyboard and be careful not to send messages before you finish typing and checking errors.

Checking errors should be your first priority especially if you are sending professional messages or trying to deliver an important message to your new friend on Placetochat.

  • Use Appropriate Ending

Just like in real life, remember to always say “Goodbye” “Good day” or “Good Night” at the end of every chat. This does not only show the other person you wish them well, but it is also appropriate, especially if you are communicating in a professional environment. Ending a message appropriately also indicates the end of communication and next time you chat again you can greet each other and talk and discuss new topics or ideas. Not having a good ending may leave matters hanging, and you may not move to other ideas or talk about new things in good time.

  • Develop Best Practices

Communication can be fun, especially if you join Placetochat or other platforms with interesting people you can communicate with. While not everyone is keen on etiquette or other essential communication practices, it is important to set a good example yourself, not being abusive or a bully simply because the other person is doing the same to you.

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