Top 5 CoD Modern Warfare Tips to Get Better

Many gamers love Modern Warfare due to the thrills of the shootings and killings in the game. Even while you shoot at others, you must also be careful to protect your head. The danger and never-ending threat to life get the adrenaline pumping throughout the game. But then, you can die more often than you kill the enemies, and that experience will dampen your joy. But you can get better by taking some actions before jumping into the game full time.

So, if you’re ready to make that desired change, you should stop at nothing to follow through with the tips in this article. In addition, Modern Warfare Hacks with Aimbot is always available to see you through any difficulties encountered in the game.

5 Tips to get better at COD Modern Warfare

1.    Understand your weapons

Perhaps you never expected this tip to top the list. However, you have to deal with it – it’s that important. Don’t just go about adding any weapon you can to your loadout. Modern warfare has tons of guns you can choose from, but you have to be careful about your choice.

Before choosing a favorite or adding any gun to your loadout, you must know everything you can about the weapon. The campaign is a good place to experiment with these guns and prepare better for the game. Also, we recommend weapons with low recoil and high fire rates. If any such weapons have great damage, it’s a huge bonus for you.

2.    Toughen up things a little bit more

You’ll experience a dull improvement curve if you keep playing Modern warfare with the same difficulty level you used as a noob. The campaign mode in Modern Warfare comes with varying difficulties, with Regular being the least. Pushing your limits on matches with more difficult levels such as Recruit or Hardened can be a major step in getting better at the game. Only go for Veteran or Realism modes when you know you can stand your grounds efficiently on simpler modes.

3.    Customize your game settings

Apart from your graphics and audio settings, you should customize other key areas of your game settings. Your aim assist and sensitivity are some settings that will go a long way in influencing the outcome of your game. Most guides will advise you to keep your sensitivity low.

That’s a good one, though, as you get hit targets with increased precision and accuracy. However, you’d need to toughen up some things if you want to get better. It might be messy initially, but you’ll grow into it with constant practice. Also, you may need to set your Aim assist at Dynamic; it will help toughen you a bit more.

4.    Learn the maps

Fighting in strange territories can make things a lot more difficult for you. So, it’s of great importance to have a good knowledge of any map you’re playing on. Thankfully, Modern warfare comes with many flanks and alternative routes, giving COD players something more to enjoy.

Don’t get too excited; these flanks can be used against you if you’re up against more experienced players. Therefore, you must pay some attention to learning the maps in the game. You can’t tell if the last flank you discovered will help you secure your next kill or save you in the next minute.

5.    Stick with the Meta

Irrespective of how this sounds, you’ll need to play the Meta if you want to get better at Modern Warfare. The Meta will keep you up to date with the latest nerfs to weapons and patches. An opponent as good as you will kill you if he has a better gun than you have.

Thanks to COD YouTubers, you have several dozens of videos out there to get you equipped with what’s the latest on the game. Take that extra step of going to seek them out for yourself.


COD Modern warfare is no child’s play. You need to move from learning to surviving to dominate the opposition. The tips provided above will help you add to your knowledge about Modern Warfare irrespective of your experience level.


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