Top reasons for moving to Spain

Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world. Its vibrant metropolis, combined with some of the most beautiful small towns, exquisite gastronomy, and excellent weather all year round, is among the main reasons why many people feel Spain is a great destination.

However, what about moving to Spain? Have you ever considered starting a new life in Madrid or Barcelona?

In this article, we will review some of the advantages of choosing Spain as a destination for living.

Living in Spain

With remote working becoming massive, many people a considering relocating to a different culture while they keep their jobs at home.

Digital nomads are changing how we conceive our lives because now that you cannot work from anywhere, there is no reason to spend your whole life living in the same town or country.

Spain is one of the most popular destination for European digital nomads. Nowadays, looking for a Spanish language school in Madrid is common as improving your skills while living in Spain and working remotely.


There are many Spanish schools available for ex-pats who want to make the most of their stay in Spain by taking an intensive Spanish language course. Click here if you want to learn more about Spanish schools in Madrid.

Why Spain?

Spain is one of the favorites among the vast options of places to visit and live in. However, why is that? Which are the advantages of moving to Spain while working remotely?

Below, we will discuss why so many people choose Spain as the desired place to live in.

1.    Living cost

One of the main reasons that you should consider if you are planning to live abroad is the living cost of the destination you are willing to stay at.

Spain stands out as one of the cheapest options within western European countries. Therefore, working remotely for any other country and living in a Spanish city gives you a tremendous economic advantage.

In Spain, a cheap apartment in Madrid can cost approximately 1,000 euros, while for more expensive options, you can find places for 1500 euros. This is much cheaper than any other European capital.

However, not only renting a place is cheaper, the food, transportation, and many other expenses are more affordable in Spain than in any other western European city.

Thus, if you get a salary from your work outside Spain and use the money within the Spanish economy, you would be able to afford a better life than the one you could pay at home.

2.    The weather

Spain is known for its fantastic weather. It has sunny days all year round, allowing people to go out, spend time on the beach, practice sports, and enjoy the sunlight daily.

According to the site spain.info, Spain has around 3,000 hours of sunshine yearly, with mild temperatures.

Thus, if you love the outdoor lifestyle, you will surely enjoy living in any Spanish town, where the weather is usually lovely, with hot summers and mild winters.

3.    Health care system

One of the main concerns when traveling is whether the destination has a good health care system. You do not expect to get sick when traveling; it can happen; good attendance is critical if it does.

In that sense, Spain stands out because it has universal healthcare coverage available for ex-pats working there.

Thus, if you decide to move to Spain, you do not have to worry about getting the best medical attention or affording your medical care. Everything is prepared for you to feel safe and get access to the best doctors if you need it.

4.    Amazing culture

Spain is a very diverse country in which many cultures coexist. Traveling along some of its most important cities can discover various traditions, languages, and gastronomy.

In addition, the Spanish are pretty fond of welcoming ex-pats. They enjoy sharing and take community life seriously. So, if you move to Spain, you will not feel lonely. Instead, you will probably make friends rapidly and get to share your life with them.

5.    Children friendly

Another reason why many people choose Spain for living is that it is a very child-friendly place.

If you are planning to start a family and would like to enjoy outdoor life with your children, you should consider Spain your destination.

Spanish children can access beautiful playgrounds, beaches, forests, and hills to enjoy the sunlight all year. In addition, Spanish people like children and tend to be warm toward them.

Last, Spain has many high-quality schools, some of which are British, so your children can learn English and about British culture while living abroad in Spain.

6.    Spanish cuisine

Finally, yet importantly, Spanish gastronomic culture is among the best in the world. Spanish cuisine is not only healthy but also exquisite. This is related to the fact that there is a whole ritual associated with eating.

On the one hand, in Spain, people love to cook daily, leading to a healthier lifestyle. On the other hand, the ingredients they use to prepare their dishes are rich in fruit, vegetables, oils, and fish.

In addition, dishes are prepared according to the season, which leads to using fresh ingredients and a more sustainable lifestyle

To conclude, remote working has made it possible to relocate anytime. Digital nomads are now choosing to spend their lives in different places to make to most of them while working. Spain is one of the most visited places in the world, and the leading destination Europeans chose for relocating. Its great metropolis and small towns, exquisite cuisine, nice weather, and affordable cost of living are among the reasons to choose Spain as a place to relocate.



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