16 Amazing Benefits of THC

Did you know that about 35 million adults in the U.S. use marijuana regularly? 50% of adults have tried marijuana at least once before according to polling conducted by Gallup. While 83% of Americans support the federal legalization of medical marijuana, about 49% support its legalization for recreational use.

The majority of the support for THC comes from adults who have tried it or use it regularly. About 70% of those who have tried or use THC support legalization.

With the growing popularity of weed, more people are interested in learning about the benefits of THC. Keep reading to learn more about some of these benefits.

What Is THC?

THC is one of the many chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant. CBD is another component found in the hemp plant but one that doesn’t create a psychoactive effect.

THC is best known to create psychoactive effects when consumed. It does so by attaching to the cannabinoid receptors located within your brain.

THC follows a similar process to what the endocannabinoid system in your body naturally does. Since your endocannabinoid system affects your central nervous system, responsible for the brain and spinal cord, that explains why THC has such an effect on your brain.

What Ways Can You Take THC?

The growing cannabis market has created innovative ways to consume THC. Several different brands sell a variety of products with different doses and forms of THC to choose from.

THC vape juice is a popular form of consumption. If you’re interested in taking THC but are turned off by the idea of smoking or if you already take it and want a different way to consume it, vaping is a great option.

You’ll still get the sensation of smoking by inhaling THC. This is a great form of taking THC without the strong smell that comes with smoking it.

You can also try a THC tincture. Tinctures come with their own dropper for measuring out the correct dose. You can use the dropper to drop the oil right into your mouth, it’s best when dropped below your tongue.

THC edibles are another option you can try. Edibles are incredibly versatile.

You can try gummies, lollipops, chocolate, and mints. You can also try THC-infused smoothies.

1. It Helps With Soreness and Aches

Now that you know more about what THC is and the variety of ways you can consume it, it’s time to learn about some of the great benefits THC offers.

Soreness and aches can come from many different sources. Whether you have a chronic condition or had a long day of working out, consuming THC regularly can help you manage these aches.

As explained before, the cannabinoids in THC interact with your endocannabinoid system and can provide some relief to your sore and achy muscles.

2. Can Help Promote Good Gut Health

If you’re constantly dealing with an upset stomach or suffer from nausea and vomiting, you know how hard going about your day-to-day activities can become. Conditions that affect your digestive system can cause a long list of uncomfortable symptoms.

A great benefit of taking THC is that it can promote good gut health and a healthy digestive system. If you struggle with some of these issues and are looking for another way to improve your general health and develop a stronger stomach, THC can help.

3. THC Can Increase Your Appetite

Having a well-balanced diet and eating healthy meals is an important part of taking care of your body and mind. Incorporating fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains into your daily meals is vital to your health.

If you struggle with building up an appetite when it’s time to eat and find yourself struggling to eat foods that will give you the energy needed to take on the day, you’ll be happy to hear that THC can increase your appetite.

If you take certain medications or deal with a condition that affects your appetite, increasing your consumption of THC might help you with this issue. Remember to always consult a medical professional before using any THC products.

4. Breathe Easier With THC

You’ve been told your entire life that smoking is harmful to your lungs, this might be one of the reasons why you’ve stayed away from trying THC. While you can consume THC in other ways if you’re not interested in smoking it, smoking cannabis won’t reduce your lung capacity in any way.

THC is a product that comes from a plant that’s relatively free of harmful chemicals and toxins. It can aid in maintaining healthy lung function if paired with other important things like exercise and keeping a healthy diet.

5. It Can Keep Your Mind Sharp

While many people might have the assumption that cannabis can slow you down and fry your brain, this is a common misconception. THC can protect your brain cells and is known to promote cell growth and reproduction.

A great benefit of THC is how it can improve your focus and allow you to be more productive throughout your day. While this isn’t the case for everyone, many people have experienced this particular benefit of THC.

Since THC activates some of the cannabinoid receptors in your brain it can promote brain cell growth, increase learning capacity, and prevent memory loss.

6. It Adds Flavor to Food

When thinking about THC edibles the more common things that come to mind include candies and brownies but THC can be added to any food to turn it into an edible.

THC-enhanced food is becoming more mainstream and finding itself in kitchens around the world. THC comes from the hemp plant and can be used as an herb to add a different flavor to a dish.

Cannabis-based butter can be used to make an endless list of recipes including pasta dishes, chimichurri sauce for steak, and your favorite rotisserie chicken.

7. Can Help Maintain a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight for your age and height is a vital part of taking care of yourself and staying healthy. It can help increase your energy and can decrease the probability of developing illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.

Another great benefit of using THC is that it can help you maintain a healthy weight. While you might think that the munchies that can come after a high might lead to some weight gain this isn’t the case.

Regular use of THC can help promote more efficient calorie intake and insulin regulation so your body absorbs the necessary nutrients without gaining additional weight.

8. It Promotes Better Sleep

If you struggle to sleep at night and find yourself constantly tossing and turning, some of the calming effects of THC can help promote better sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is an important part of a healthy life because it allows you to rest and prepares you to take on the day ahead.

A lack of sleep or interrupted sleep can be hard to fix. Struggling to quiet your mind to rest is harder for some. Consuming THC at night can become part of your routine to get the sleep you need.

9. Enhances the Health of Your Skin and Hair

The hemp plant and THC, in particular, contain antioxidants that are vital to eliminating free radicals in the body. Free radicals can damage cells and lead to poor health. Some signs of poor health can include dry skin and brittle hair.

This means that consuming THC can enhance the health of your skin and hair. If you want to add more hydration to your skin and shine to your hair consuming more THC can help you achieve that.

There are many cannabis-based beauty products on the market today that can target your skin or hair more closely than consuming THC through other means.

10. It Supports a Healthy Immune System

Your immune system is a crucial part of keeping you healthy and protecting you from illness. It’s your body’s fighter against bacteria, viruses, and diseases that can develop inside the body.

Regular THC use can help you stay healthy by boosting your immune system. It can help your immune system fight harder against environmental and seasonal threats against your body. THC also helps promote healthy cell growth and this is another way it supports a healthy immune system.

While the medical benefits of THC aren’t backed by the FDA, boosting your immune system is a valuable benefit of using THC.

11. THC Can Balance Mood

Irregular moods can affect your mental health. This can lead to issues in all areas of your life. If your mood has impacted your life negatively you’ll be happy to hear that THC can help balance mood.

If your mood swings are more severe, THC will still react with the cannabinoid receptors in your brain and help calm and control your mood.

A balance in how you feel from day to day can improve your life. With a more balanced fight or flight response, you won’t react so harshly to your triggers and you’ll find more cohesive ways of coping with your struggles.

12. It Can Aid in Relieving Discomfort

Chronic inflammation and fatigue are common issues for many people today. One of the ways THC consumption can help with these issues is by helping to relieve some discomfort.

By supporting healthy muscles and joints THC is allowing you to live more comfortably. Reducing stiffness can make moving easier and can even improve performance when it comes to sports or other physical activity.

13. Can Improve Clarity

A clearer mind can help you achieve more and this is another one on the long list of benefits THC provides. THC can help promote sleep but it can also help keep your mind clear or take you to the right headspace when needed.

It’s no wonder that so many people use THC for its psychoactive effects. THC might be used for recreational purposes but it can also enhance your creativity and allow you to self-reflect in new ways.

14. It Can Relieve Tension

A buildup of tension in your head or stiffness in your neck can interrupt your day. The pressure on your eyes after a long day can make getting anything done harder.

The good thing about THC is how it can help relieve these tensions in your body. Reducing tension is one of the most common reasons why people use THC. Reducing tension in your body can also help prevent more serious illnesses that can occur because of it.

15. It Can Help You Relax

If you struggle with anxious feelings THC can be used as a method of relaxation. Using THC can fight back against stress too. The calming effects of THC can help you manage your anxieties so that you can handle whatever life throws your way.

Different kinds of THC can have a wide variety of effects on your body. Delta 8 THC is created by converting Delta 9 THC.

One of the benefits this form of THC has is creating a sense of calm while still keeping you productive. If you’re interested in knowing more you can learn all about it here.

16. It Can Reduce Alcohol Use

While alcohol has mind-altering effects the same way that THC does, it’s more harmful to your health. It’s particularly harmful to your liver with long-term use and doesn’t have any of the benefits of THC.

While cannabis users might also drink from time to time, using cannabis more often is better for your general health long term. Using more THC can help you reduce your desire for drinking alcohol and reduce the risks that come with drinking excessively.

The Benefits of THC Explained

The many benefits of THC are listed and explained in this guide. It can help with relaxation and support a healthy immune system.

Some less known benefits of THC include improved hair and skin health and an increased appetite. THC can improve many areas of your life.

If you found this article informative make sure to check out some of our other cannabis-based blogs too. We write about a variety of topics if you’re interested in checking out those blogs as well.

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