Three teams worth a bet on to win the league at the end of the season

Last season went down in the history books for all the wrong reasons as Liverpool dominated the league from pretty much day 1, producing a very dull title battle that was decided weeks before the final game. This year it looks like the complete opposite could be true. No team has matched the dominance of Liverpool so far in the Football League, meaning it’s very close at the top of the Championship, League 1 and League 2 as well as the Premier League. While this makes for very exciting watching for neutral fans, it makes for especially daunting watching for the bookmakers. The leagues are so unpredictable that there’s still a good chance of a team with outside odds of going on to win their respective title. With that in mind, here are some of the outsiders that are worth putting your money on.

Manchester United

Man United are no stranger to a Premier League title. Look inside Old Trafford, and you’ll find more of those trophies than anywhere else in the world. After playing ten games, the Red Devils are currently sat in sixth place, below Leicester City and Southampton but more importantly above Derby rivals Manchester City. With this in mind, many bookmakers have given them very poor odds of lifting the trophy at the end of the season. For example, at some bookmakers, they only have odds of 18/1 to win the league. Considering they’re only 5 points behind and have a game in hand, those are hugely dangerous odds for any bookmaker. Liverpool needs another big slip up like they experienced at the hands of Aston Villa, and it’d take just two wins for Manchester United to overtake them.


Meanwhile, just outside of the football league, there’s another team who have a big chance of causing an upset for the bookmakers. Currently, many of the National League betting odds have Stockport very low down to win the league. For a team currently sat in fifth place and 12 points behind the leaders, you’d probably think those odds aren’t worth putting your money on. The big thing that changes that is the three games they currently have in hand over the leaders. Win those three, and they’re within a good chance of upsetting the bookmakers with those odds.

Lincoln City

Hull City have been up and down the leagues more than most in recent years. They’ve had many spells in the Premier League and the Championship but currently find themselves in League One. You’d think that experience, and the fact they’re two points ahead at the start of December would make them look like likely winners. Just below them, Lincoln City could quite easily be crowned champions. It would be massively impressive considering they were a non-league side just a few years ago, but with odds of 13/2, they could be another team to cause a big upset this year.


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