Casino World Records that you’ve never heard of

If you’ve found that the excitement of the casino and all of the new games that pop up left, right and centre, is starting to wear off, then why not boost your enthusiasm by reading into the history of casino gaming a little more. A great way to do this is to dive into some of the more surprising and lesser-known world records that have taken place at a whole host of casinos around the world. So, perhaps you’ll find yourself forgetting what you once knew as the one of the best casino in UK, in favour of looking further afield for a record-breaking location to roll the dice.

Want to know more? Simply read on as we take you on a tour of the some of the most important casino world records.

The largest one-hand fan

Back in 1994, world-record-loving Ralf Laue made a name for himself in the casino hall of fame by holding up the largest fan of playing cards ever seen. Laue held up a staggering 326 playing cards with just one hand, displaying all of the colours and values of each individual card. Laue’s other world record achievements include pancake flipping and completing the fastest game of Operation. Talk about good with his hands!

The farthest (and fastest) card-toss

Sticking with playing cards but moving away from the casino, 2002 saw American magician Rick Smith Jr. add his name to the exclusive list of playing card record holders. Already well known for dabbling in card-centric tricks, on 21st March 2002, Smith took his reputation to the next level, once again. The magician took to the stage at the Convocation Centre in Cleveland, Ohio, and made a ploy for both the farthest and fastest card throw. That one iconic throw covered a staggering 65.96 metres and a whopping 92mph.

The most simultaneous slot spins

Moving on to 2013, the Mohegan Sun casino went on to hold the largest slot machine tournament that the world has ever seen. During this, the casino went on to break the world record for the most slot machines to be running the same game, at the same time. Prior to the event, there was an extensive line of eager players lined up around the building, waiting to register for the chance to take place in the competition. Almost all of the 6,000 slot machines at the Mohegan Sun were occupied during the tournament, allowing the world record to take place.

The biggest Blackjack table

In 2012, the Viejas casino in Southern California became the home of the largest fully-functional Blackjack table. This casino staple measured an astonishing 207 metres squared in terms of surface area, with the dealer having to stand on top of the table throughout each game. This magnificent feat was accomplished in honour of the casino’s 21st birthday, allowing six special guests to play on the comically oversized table using equally as large casino chips and playing cards, to match the scale of the other pieces in the game.

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