Is CBD Oil for Pets Suitable for Cats?

Many pet owners are aware of the one product that has popped up in every single pet shop and veterinarian’s office – CBD oil. Even though this product is widely used amongst dog owners, it is still questionable whether it is suitable for felines.

In the same way that there are many different dog breeds there are a variety of cat breeds. Depending on the size of your dog, you will have to choose a different sized CBD oil ranging from 150mg-3000mg. This is not necessarily the same with cats. Cats are all relatively the same size with the only exception being a Maine Coon breed that is much bigger.

There is an ongoing debate on which cat breeds are the best. Check out this list of Britannica’s top rated cat breeds for families: https://www.britannica.com/list/the-10-best-types-of-cat No matter which feline type you have running around your home, all breeds can benefit greatly from CBD oil products. That is right, it is not only for dogs.

Before we can determine whether this product is suitable for your cat, we should look at the composition and ingredients.

What is Inside CBD Oil for Pets?

High quality CBD oil products from companies like Holistapet is 100% plant based. This means that there are no added preservatives, chemicals, or unnatural toxins that might be dangerous to your pet. When you buy CBD products from credible manufacturers you can also expect a vegan product that is animal cruelty free, contains no gluten, no GMOs, and no animal gelatin. Because it is an all-natural product, many pet owners prefer it over other chemically induced products. It is also a preferred health supplement because it has no preservatives or additives, adding to its healthy composition.

Other ingredients within the product may include Hemp seed powder that has high levels of concentrated fatty acids like Omega 3, 6, and 9. The main ingredient, of course, being Cannabidiol (CBD).

Ingredients That Are Toxic to Cats

To ensure that the product you want to purchase is safe for your cat to use, you must make sure that it contains less than 0.3% THC. THC is the compound found within the cannabis plant that is responsible for the psychoactive effects when used as a recreational drug. Manufacturers have found ways in which they can completely remove the compound THC from cannabis products. Leaving only the therapeutic cannabidiol compound.

THC is extremely toxic for all kinds of pets and can result in a variety of harmful side effects and long-term medical ailments. It is therefore extremely important that owners make sure they read the dispensary’s third-party lab report to ensure the product does not contain any harmful THC or parabens.

Third-party lab reports are usually freely available and provides a transparent look into the company’s product. If the company cannot provide you with one of these verified lab reports, then you might be purchasing a product that is not verified and can be harmful to your cats.

Also check what kind of extraction method is used by the company to ensure most toxic compounds are removed from the oil. The most popular and most efficient extraction method used is the CO2 method. Even though it is a bit more expensive, the results are usually a product high in CBD and very low in THC and other toxins.

To purchase the best health supply for cats make sure that you purchase a product with a complete third-party lab report that verifies the low level of THC and the presence of Omegas, nutrients, and pure CBD.

Is Cannabidiol Suitable for Cats?

In short, yes. Cannabidiol is a great supplement that is healthy and will promote a healthier life for your feline. Just like with humans and dogs, cats also have an endocannabinoid system. This system is complex and consists of a variety cannabinoids, receptors, and enzymes. The system helps to regulate homeostasis in the body and is responsible for many bodily functions.

When you introduce the right dosage of CBD oil into your cat’s diet, cannabinoids are released into their bloodstream. These cannabinoids are then received by receptors. Receptors, usually CB1 and CB2 connects to the cannabinoids and transport them to necessary areas in the body. It works within the nervous system and immune system.

Added cannabinoids into the bloodstream influence the nervous and immune system. Ultimately, increasing the function of the immune system as well as the nervous system. Once these cannabinoids are in the area that needs assistance, enzymes will break them down.

Ultimately resulting in numerous medicinal benefits. Cannabidiol can help cats cope with symptoms from medical conditions in the following ways:

  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory to help felines cope with pain in joints or muscles. Especially after a surgery or when they experience pain from a medical illness like arthritis.
  • Reduced seizure attacks in cats with epilepsy
  • Acts as a calming aid for cats that suffer from anxiety and stress.
  • Help to induce sleepiness in cats that are struggling to sleep.
  • Helps to regulate appetite.
  • Increases the functioning of the immune system that will keep them happy and healthy.

The proof is in the pudding and many cat owners have tested CBD oil products on their felines. Check out this video of two Maine Coons testing and trying CBD oil products.

Cat owners are more than welcome to give CBD oil products a try. They have no harmful ingredients and might just help your cat cope with debilitating symptoms caused by medical conditions.


-Note:- Any recommendation given in the post is for informational purposes only. Kindly check each and everything products/ guide from your end. Article provided by the third party, no NEWSAKMI editorial involved in the creation of this content.



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