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VMs Help Ransomware Attackers Evade Detection, But It’s Uncommon

Some ransomware attackers use virtual machines to bypass security detection, but adoption is slow for the complicated technique. Security researchers…

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Microsoft Tracks New BazaCall Malware Campaign

Attackers use emails to prompt victims to call a fraudulent call center, where attackers instruct them to download a malicious…

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New DNS Name Server Hijack Attack Exposes Businesses, Government Agencies

Researchers found a “novel” class of DNS vulnerabilities in AWS Route53 and other DNS-as-a-service offerings that leak sensitive information on…

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Survey Seeks to Learn How 2020 Changed Security

Respondents to a new Dark Reading/Omdia survey will be entered into a drawing for a Black Hat Black Card. The…

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Cars are packed with technology, but they can still be hacked

The threat to people’s lives is terrifying, so auto manufacturers need to change their old-school strategies to protect people. TechRepublic’s…

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Employees are valuable assets: Why you need to safeguard them

Two experts suggest calling employees “insider threats” is counterproductive; employees are assets needing protection. Image: Luis Alvarez/DigitalVision/Getty Images If businesses…

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How to better detect and prevent Business Email Compromise attacks

These types of email attacks rely on simple language and exploit human nature to scam their victims, making detection difficult,…

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How to use the Android Photos Locked Folder feature

The Google Photos Locked Folder feature has finally arrived and Jack Wallen wants to show you how to use it.…

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Despite Heightened Cyber-Risks, Few Security Leaders Report to CEO

A new report suggests that top management at most companies still don’t get security. Despite mounting concerns over data breaches…

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How to be prepared for a ransomware attack: Check your data and backups

Expert says ransomware attacks will happen, and your company has to be prepared long before the attack hits. TechRepublic’s Karen…

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