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ICYMI: A Microsoft Warning, Follina, Atlassian, and More

There’s no such thing as a slow week for cybercrime, which means that covering the waterfront on all of the…

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OpenSea NFT Marketplace Faces Insider Hack

OpenSea, the largest nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace, this week announced that an employee of one of its email vendors,, accessed and downloaded the…

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Time Constraints Hamper Security Awareness Programs

The increasingly complex threat landscape and the porous IT environment – driven by the shift to permanent remote/hybrid work and digital transformation…

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The business of hackers-for-hire threat actors

Hackers-for-hire specialize in compromising email boxes. Learn more about these cyber criminals and the threat they represent. Image: Adobe Stock…

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Data breach of NFT marketplace OpenSea may expose customers to phishing attacks

Triggered by an employee from an external vendor who shared email addresses with an unauthorized party, the breach could lead…

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Criminals Use Deepfake Videos to Interview for Remote Work

Security experts are on the alert for the next evolution of social engineering in business settings: deepfake employment interviews. The…

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DragonForce Malaysia Releases LPE Exploit, Threatens Ransomware

The hacktivist group DragonForce Malaysia has released an exploit that allows Windows Server local privilege escalation (LPE) to grant access to local distribution…

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When It Comes to SBOMs, Do You Know the Ingredients in Your Ingredients?

If you’re building software applications, you’re familiar — or should be familiar — with SBOMs, or software bills of materials.…

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Microsoft Going Big on Identity with the Launch of Entra

At the start of June 2022, just before RSAC 2022, Microsoft announced a new product family, Microsoft Entra, which encompasses…

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Get one year of this leading VPN for just $30

ClearVPN’s Premium Plan offers advanced security and connectivity, allowing you to easily protect your devices at an affordable price. Image:…

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