5 Best websites to Book Airport Parking Spots Online

With all of the planning that goes into a vacation, one of the most essential and stressful parts is managing your car ! Whether driving a rental, borrowing a car from a loved one or your own vehicle, the logistics and decisions behind where to park can be quite the complicated problem. Thankfully, there are countless options to choose from, from websites to multi-platform solutions. Read on for our best websites to book airport parking spots, narrowed down to the top picks and their highlights so you can get parking faster and to your destination quicker !

On Air Parking

Those travellers who prefer a more information-dense layout and really like to do their research before a trip will love the resources and service of On Air Parking. For those travellers who love having a plan A, B, through Z, and only the most detailed itineraries, the range of travel guides and local insider secrets with On Air Parking’s extensive series of publications are a great tool for your planning sessions. These range from the practical such as parking secrets and ways to save money on major attractions, to even the exotic and adventurous such as explorer guides for destinations far across the globe, and where to find the best eats in dozens of cities over the nation. In addition to the massive stores of travel information, On Air Parking is a widely recognised and trusted third-party solution for parking at airports, providing travellers with a remarkably economical alternative to the rates charged at airport garages and long-term parking lots alike. In fact, On Air Parking boasts rates as low as a cup of coffee in many places, and really shines with those longer vacations- a larger saving in daily parking fees adds up incredibly fast for those trips longer than a month. Many of their airports serviced also have multiple options with different settings, locations and surroundings, also great for those travellers in the suburbs who may be approaching the airport from a certain direction of the city- closer parking to home and widespread shuttle service mean you’re away from the wheel and able to focus on the next step of your journey sooner. For the detail-oriented traveller who loves to learn everything about their destination before they’ve even left the house, you can find all the secrets and reliable, affordable parking with On Air Parking.


For those favouring the experience of a search engine much like Google or Bing, Way streamlines the airport parking experience into a sleek, efficient and snappy design. Way provides countless options for parking at airports and beyond on both their smartly designed website and their convenient-to-use mobile application. Way also has a strong emphasis on community voice, with hundreds of reviews by past customers for every service and location they provide- so that you don’t have to just take their word on a lot’s condition ! This is highly useful, with all the information built into the website’s easy-to-navigate design, eliminating the need to search through forums, Yelp and Google Reviews. Way also has branched out into many of the other aspects of caring for your car while on your vacation, offering car insurance options, your pick of the finest car washes, where to find cheap and high quality gas, options to refinance your auto loans, roadside assistance and even a Way+ membership offering many of these benefits and around-the-clock care. Way is a great one-stop solution for many if not all of your car’s needs, at the airport and beyond.


Those who favour guidance at every turn and step of your journey will appreciate the Google Maps-inspired interface with SpotHero, one of the biggest names not just in airport parking, but parking in general ! The familiarity to many other widely-used smartphone and internet search products makes navigation and use easy to learn and even easier to use, and this is only the start of the benefits with SpotHero. SpotHero also boasts incredibly swift booking times for hourly parking, monthly long-term parking and airport parking, great for travellers and motorists of all backgrounds.This is great whether you’re a traveller in urgent need of parking in a new city, wanting to save on parking fees ( a common and expensive menace in the larger cities ) or want to want their car somewhere cheap and secure while they’ve flown away. SpotHero also has notable support for digital records and communications, a great option for travelling paperless, whether you’re a tech-savvy adventurer who likes to keep it light or just a more environmentally-conscious traveller. The smartphone app is widely regarded as one of the best to use for these purposes, and for the simplicity of use. Those business travellers may also be interested in their specific set of services for those flying for company matters, with assistance in scheduling travel times, determining the best routes to the airport or beyond, and even finding parking for important meetings at major offices. The SpotHero application also integrates nicely with a wide variety of other applications on the Google Play and Apple App Store. And for those on the opposite end of matters wanting to rent out a parking spot- SpotHero also offers tools for you to do so on their platform, meaning that empty parking spot that came with your new address just became a lot more lucrative.


Travellers wanting to arrive to and from the airport in unmistakable and sassy flair will love the character of theParkingSpot. Their distinctive yellow and black polka-dot buses are a familiar presence at various airports across the nation, appealing to younger travellers, those who might be planning an itinerary with as little moving parts as possible, or just those who really expect to be tired after their flight. ( Trans-Pacific flyers, this website is of interest ! ) theParkingSpot services many of the nation’s largest airports and destinations, with off-site lots at exceptionally low prices, and this is before the many coupons, deals and promotions the website frequently runs! Those who might have packed away their valuables or don’t want to rummage through tightly sealed backpacks, carry-ons and luggage will also appreciate the recent development of Touchless Entry and Exit ! This offers travellers the chance to book parking entirely through the mobile application and no need to pay on-site ! Another step taken care of and out of the way before your journey.


For destinations big and small, across the United States and Canada, airportparking.com is a great, no-frills website to use for those just wanting a classic airport parking experience. Everything a traveller needs with airport parking from cheap lots, shuttle service, customer support and roadside assistance are all present with the airportparking.com . No major learning curve, no unfamiliar interface, great for those who want a consistent service and just want to park, and not spend too much time getting it done. Travellers who consider a parking spot a parking spot and don’t want to fuss with details can rest knowing their vehicle is in good hands and just a few clicks away using airportparking.com . In addition, airportparking.com also offers speedy and strings-free cancellations for those last-minute complications, adding to the flexibility. Also contrary to the name, the website also provides parking to many of the nation’s major cruise ports- great to keep bookmarked for travels air and sea.

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