Four commonly found online casino promotions

What’s the best thing about online casinos? Well, that depends who you ask! Some might say the accessibility, being able to log in and have spin on the reels from your laptop or mobile device no matter where you are, others might claim it’s the wide range of games available — with an endless number of Slots, Roulette and Blackjack games to try your hand at, and a theme for just about everyone.

We, however, believe it’s the vast number of bonuses and promotions. There’s no better feeling than logging in to your account and finding a few free spins to have a go on your favourite slot or a couple of quid to have a spin on the Roulette wheel or a game of Blackjack. But there’s a lot more to online casino promotions than just that.

So, read on as we take a look at four of the most found bonuses.

Welcome bonuses

Perhaps the most common online casino promotion, almost all operators will reward you with a welcome bonus for opening an account with them. There’s two ways in which they tend to do this, the first of which is giving you free credit just for signing up. This is when the online casino gives you a certain number of free spins or free credit just for opening your account, like a try before you buy — what’s not to love about that?

The second, however, is the first deposit bonus and is more commonly found. This is when are you given a bonus after your first deposit (and most likely wagered it all so you can’t withdraw it when awarded your bonus). These can vary a bit, from wagering £10 and being award a non-withdrawable £10 for free to wagering £10 and receiving 10 free spins.

Free spins

Arguably everybody’s favourite online casino promotion, free spins are the most commonly found once you’ve already set up your account. There are tons of ways to receive daily free spins with bonus rounds, with some operators dishing them out for wagering a certain amount daily, weekly or monthly, while you can win them on sites who offer free daily games — which are becoming more and more common on online casinos. Winnings are often paid in cash as well, making this bonus even better!

Rewards clubs

Building on the point of getting free spins for how often you deposit, this is where rewards clubs come in. Most operators have them, and they all work in different ways — with some giving you free credit depending on how much you deposit in a week/month, others giving you free spins if you deposit a certain amount in a given time frame, and if you’re lucky, you might even find a reward club that gives you back withdrawable credit at the end of the stated period!

Refer a friend

Refer a friend bonuses do what it says on the tin, you — and your pal — are rewarded if you get someone to sign up using your referral code. Of course, like all the other available bonuses, there are T&Cs. Usually, your friend must deposit and wager a certain amount before you are both accredited with whatever the reward might be. You can often be rewarded more than once as well, for example £5 free credit for the first friend, £10 for the second, £15 for the third and so on. However, they tend to be capped.

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