The ultimate guide to online Slots terminology

When first logging into an online casino site, the bright colours and animations can be a lot to take in.

Online Slots make up a huge part of the virtual casino floor, so there’s no doubt you’ve come across some gameplay terminology one way or another.

To get you well on your way to feeling like a slot game pro, join us as we run you through some of the most important online slot terms you’ll need to know.

Read on to find out more.

Active payline – An active payline is one which has a bet placed on it. Some slot games allow you to choose your paylines, whilst others offer fixed paylines you can place your wagers on.

Autospin – This is a feature that allows you to set your chosen number of spins at a certain bet level to be spun automatically, so you can sit back and enjoy watching the reels spin without having to press any buttons.

BAR – A classic symbol, dating back to retro fruit machines.

Bet max/min – The minimum or maximum bet for a slot game tells you how much or how little you can wager.

Casino bonus – A casino bonus can come in many different forms. Online, you might find free spins or a percentage of your deposit added to your account to play with. It’s always worth checking the promotions page.

Cascading reels – A fairly new feature in online Slots, cascading reels is used to describe what happens when you hit a winning combination on a game that offers this feature. When you do, the winning symbols will disappear and new ones will fall from the top of the reels, filling the gaps for more chances to bag another winning combination.

Classic Slots – A traditional slot machine usually has three reels and a single payline. Whilst these are rarer now, classic Slots can still be found online.

Free spins – A casino bonus or special feature in some games is free spins. This means you could find yourself being able to spin the reels for a chance to win real money, without having to wager.

Icons – Icons are the symbols used in slot games to represent winning matches or special features.

Line bet – A line bet is the amount you’ve wagered on one payline.

Multiplier – Multipliers can increase the payout you receive if the symbol is part of a winning payline. This can be anything from 0.1x your bet upwards.

Payline – A payline is essentially the place where matching symbols can count towards a winning combination. This might not be represented by an actual straight line, and could be from left to right, right to left, diagonal or even zig zag, for example.

Random Number Generator – A Random Number Generator (RNG) is the software used in many online casino games – particularly Slots – that creates an unpredictable combination of symbols each second, keeping the game of chance completely fair.

Return to player rate – The Return to player (RTP) rate is the percentage that shows which portion of the total bets placed on that particular slot machine is likely to be returned to players in winnings.

Scatter – A special feature that can provide you with free spins or other bonus features if a certain number of scatter symbols land on the reels.

Variance/volatility – The variance or volatility of a slot is often deemed more important than the RTP rate, but similarly, can show you the likelihood of a win occurring by showing whether the slot is high or low risk. Low volatility Slots are considered lower risk, offering more frequent payouts, but these can be significantly small amounts. Whereas high volatility Slots offer larger, rare payouts.

Wild symbol – Another special slot symbol, a wild can replace any other symbol, usually with the exception of the scatter, increasing the odds of landing a winning combination.

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