Front End vs Back End Development: What Is the Difference

The sphere of IT technologies is based on programming. Everyone probably knows about this. True, programming itself has introduced a wide range of technologies, topics, and skills. Moreover, all of them are associated with the development, progress, constant modernization of existing various software. Web development, like a sip of champagne, can be a truly great pleasure, both in terms of the profit it can generate and the interface design it can boast of. In fact, this is software that can have a different plot, theme, functionality, scenarios, ideas. So, back end development company Devox offers exceptionally high-quality services in this area, promises to cope with labor processes of any complexity and perform all services so that you recommend the developers to your friends. Turning to specialists who constantly study IT trends is real. The main thing is to understand how the back end differs from the front end, because these are two different processes.

Characteristics and features of the work of a front-end developer

Starting with front-end development, it must be emphasized that it belongs to a part of web development. Accordingly, with the help of the process, an IT specialist is coded, interface components for online resources, which are options, are made. In general, this area is directly related to the interface, which means appearance, smooth functioning, static code analysis – everything can be done using one of the programming languages ​​HTML, Java Script, CSS, on which the work of a front-end specialist is most often based. Among the main skills that he must possess are:

  • Excellent knowledge of the frontend language.
  • The ability to develop various specifically adaptive design solutions.
  • Know everything about how to test a web product and debug.
  • Understand the tools and functions for front-end development.
  • Clearly put into practice automation, content management system.
  • Be able to work with frameworks, APIs and version control systems.

Naturally, no one says that this is where his duties end. As an addition, a specialist must master certain languages ​​for their further application in programming practice, understand the visual aesthetics of web design architecture, understand that self-realization and self-learning will achieve even more results.

What is the difference between a backend developer and what should he be able to do?

Back-end development, as many programmers know, is named after web development. True, the main thing on which the focus is based is software products that are focused specifically on the customer. A back-end developer must be able to logically build a chain that leads to the integration of web applications on the server side. In fact, a specialist should be able to write code that would help in the interaction between the made web application and an already existing or newly implemented database. The server part of the online resource is what backend specialists need to take care of.

Among the main skills that they must possess are:

  • Ability to manage different databases (large, medium, small).
  • Use the framework wisely.
  • Programming.
  • Be aware of the requirements that relate to accessibility.
  • Understand and understand, configure and manage security.

In fact, such work is quite difficult, because the specialist must have deep knowledge in the field of programming. There are many companies that are purposefully looking for specialists who know several programming languages ​​at once. This really opens up great opportunities, which will then have a positive impact on the profits of both the company and the specialist himself.

The priority of a backend developer is to know Java, PHP, Ruby, Python right away. To start building a career, this will be more than enough. In order to continue development in this direction, it is necessary to fulfill oneself, create projects, create one’s portfolio, try to work at start-ups of various types of entrepreneurial activity, and also gradually increase one’s salary.


Successful python web development company offers to use a number of services, both in front-end development and back-end development, because the company’s specialists not only have experience in these areas, but also an accumulated portfolio that can be provided to clients for review. Remember a simple rule that will definitely bring success – if you want to be successful, play and cooperate with equally successful subjects. The aforementioned company will provide you with the services you need and lead you to the desired result.


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