What is FIR Far Infrared Ray Technology?

Nowadays, people are turning their heads toward different energy therapies to treat their bodies. These therapies work based on different technologies like EMF, FIR, PEMF, etc. Unlike other treatments and medications, the tech therapies are proven quite effective and have no side effects. Such therapies aim to heal the body naturally from the inside. These therapies have been around for decades and now have become more advanced. Far Infrared Ray technology is one such technology. Keep reading to learn more about the FIR technology and its advantages.

What is Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology?

The FIR technology releases energy rays into the body. These rays are invisible to the naked eye and penetrate through your body.

What are the infrared rays?

You might be familiar with the spectrum of light. The components include radio waves, infrared, ultraviolet, X rays, and gamma rays. The visible waves lie between the infrared and ultraviolet waves. So, infrared lies just before the red in the visible spectrum hence the name. Infra means below and infrared means below red. So, these are the invisible waves.

Discovered in the 19th century, the infrared waves are further divided into the following three categories.

Near-Infrared Ray

The near-infrared rays are located near the visible region of the spectrum. These rays are used in fiber optic cables for communication. Some studies show that these rays can help to kill cancerous cells.

Mid Infrared Ray

The MIRs are used in security detection systems.

Far Infrared Rays

The FIRs are most used to treat your body. These rays lie nearest to the radio waves.

Far Infrared Ray Therapy

This therapy is based on the FIR technology. This therapy is now used to treat numerous human body problems.

FIR History and Overview

The human body releases FI rays through the skin. These rays are usually emitted in the form of warmth. In the ancient days, people discovered the healing power of these rays. Palm therapy became common in yoga practices.

The people in the ancient era also explored the healing power of sunlight. Sun radiations also contain FI rays, Still sunbathing and moderate exposure to the sun are considered beneficial for health.

As time passed sauna and other such heat therapies became more common.

Modern FIR Therapy

Now experts have developed more effective ways to get FIR therapy. The natural and orthodox ways of heat therapy do not target the specific body problem. Also, they are not always feasible. Now scientists have developed FIR technology that provides a safe, and effective way to heal your body. Many health specialists use this technology. Many portable devices are also available that can help you with self-therapy. You can buy such devices at the healthyline outlet.

Why do you need this therapy?

Now that we have discussed the FIR technology, you need to know its uses. Here are some benefits of FIR therapy.

  • Enhance Cardiovascular Health

The FI rays enhance the blood circulation in your vessels. The oxygen supply in the heart increases because of this health improvement. This therapy also prevents heart disorders. Moreover, the increased circulation freshens your skin, giving it a healthy glow.

  • Get Detox

This therapy is well-known to detoxify your body. The FI rays flush out the fat, toxins, and chemicals from your body. The frequency of these rays increases the vibration of cells and eliminates the toxins. Detoxification ensures the overall well-being of your body.

  • Reduce Pain

The FIR therapy is a harmless way to reduce muscle and joint pain. It soothes the pain in the neck, legs, knee, back, and other body parts. This therapy overall has calming effects on your body. Also, this therapy speeds up the healing of an injury.

  • Enhance Immunity

Heat therapy is a great way to enhance your body’s immunity against many severe diseases. The FI rays stimulate the production of white blood cells in your body that fight against the disease. Also, some studies show that these can help prevent cancer.


Final Words

To conclude, FIR therapy is a natural way to heal your body. People have used this therapy since ancient times. The FIR technology enables you to get this treatment for your body. This treatment is non-invasive, has no side effects, and you can get this easily. 

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