How to Create the Perfect Poker Experience at Home

Online poker is great fun, and you can join in on tournaments and take advantages of a unique poker bonus for playing games.

If you want the live poker experience but don’t want to have to head to the casino, you can build a poker night at home. This can be a one-off event, for a bachelor party or other special occasion, or it can be a regular event for your guys to get together once a month for some fun and friendly competition.

Classy and exciting, a poker night is a great way to bond, and with a little bit of planning you can create a special and memorable experience that will become a mainstay of your friendship group.

Some things you will need to think about include:


For the best experience, you need some private space to play. While the kitchen or the lounge might work for a one-off experience, a purposeful space is a better option for a regular event.

A spare room, or an outdoor office or even a shed can be transformed into a poker room with a bit of creativity – just as long as you can provide an area where players can be comfortable, and where you are not likely to be interrupted.

Furniture and Décor

This is where you can let your imagination go wild. Whether you are planning a 1920s speakeasy vibe or something ultra-modern, you can get the right decoration in place.

Your players need to have the space they need to play. From a proper poker table with cushioned rails for those tense moments, to a purpose-made contraption that has built-in cup holders, you need to have enough room for all the players to get to the table, keep their drinks near them, and see what is going on.

Chairs need to be comfy enough for a few hours of stillness – so maybe look at leather upholstery for that suave feeling.


How do you want to look after your guests while they are playing? You can set the scene using music – maybe contemporary jazz for the ambience, and a well-stocked bar with specialism in whiskey if that is the vibe you are after. You can build your own bar if you are handy, or get one installed.

Whatever else you go for, you will need drinks and snacks as well as the right lighting, music, and the opportunity for other entertainment.

Another thing to consider is whether you and your friends are going to be indulging in a cigar while you play – in which case you will need ashtrays to be provided.

Chips and Cards

An off the cuff game can use pretty much anything as chips, and any pack of cards can work.

If you want to make it seem more like a professional set up, then one of the simplest things to do is to get a set of proper chips. Cheaper sets are made of plastic, but if you want casino quality ones then go for clay; they are much more satisfying to handle and sound great when you throw them into the pot.

In terms of cards, you will want at least two decent sets. The ones with a decent plastic coating will last longer because they will be more resistant to damage from spills (and irrational reactions to losing, of course)

If you like a gadget, you can grab a card shuffler – bringing the game up to date for a more modern experience.

Game Rules

Here is where it gets more personal to you and your guests.

The best home poker games have very distinct rules, covering everything from etiquette to chip value.

You need to decide which type of game you are going to be playing. Most people will want to get in on some Texas Hold’Em, but there are other options, so you need to be clear on the rules that you will be following.

You will need to decide what the etiquette on things like mobile phone use and the way you’ll play, how much each chip will be worth, and what time the game will end.

You will need clear direction on things like buy-in cost, and what the limits are (nobody wants to go bankrupt in a home game!)

Essentially, as a group you will want to set the rules that best suit the intensity of games that you want to play so that everyone is on the same page.

Bonding with Poker

With a little thought, creating a regular poker night can be just what you need to grow and develop your friendships. There aren’t many experiences that you can share with your friends that include the fun and exctiemtne of poker – and your poker room will be the best of the bunch if you take some time to get it right.

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