The Need for Flow Control Valves in Process Industries

The revolution of technology has changed the way of working in most industries. Today, valve automation is becoming more and more popular in the process and manufacturing industry. They manage the flow of the fluid in a system and maintain constant pressure. The fluid having fluctuations go from one side and comes out from the other side of the electronic water control valves maintaining a constant state as per the need of the system. However, this can be done manually or by an automatic mechanism.

Having strong control over the flow rate and the regulating pressure makes it possible to have various factors under control that are necessary for the process to happen like as the temperature. 

Below we have listed some functions that are performed by the flow control valves:

Use Energy Efficiently:

Electronic water control valves equipped with any system help to use the energy efficiently. They reduce the wastage of raw materials and let the system bear less. When a fluid passes through a system in a controlled amount, the system has to bear less pressure and temperature then that system performs perfectly and uses the energy smartly to perform the allocated task. Thus a water flow controller valve lets the system work error freely and allows it to achieve the set goal without wasting any energy.  

Precise Packaging:

Electronic water control valves are widely used in the packaging of liquid items. As we know that juices, liquid chemicals and medicine are packed in containers or bottles. It’s necessary for the manufacturers to add an accurate and equal quantity of liquid in each container. In past, it was a difficult process but the advent of the proportional valve for water has made it a piece of cake. The operator can easily set the value of the liquid as per the size or type of the container or bottle. After getting this value system open and close the valve to add the precise quantity of the liquid in the containers or bottles. 

Maintain stability:

There is a great need to maintain stability in the flow rate and the regulating pressure in the process industry. As we know that the flow rate, pressure and temperature are factors that should be controlled strongly in order to keep the process continuing without any risk of failure or breaking of any of the equipment. 

Coating Process:

The coating process was never as easy as it is today. The electronic water control valves have created an ease for the operators that they can easily set the amount of the liquid that will be coated on a specific item. The amount of paint that is applied to vehicles changes as per the size or design of the vehicle. But with the help of the water flow control valve electronic, workers apply the right coating of paint to the body of the cars. 

Moreover, in the pharmaceutical industry, they are used to coat the precise amount of medicine on tablets. If the quantity or composition will be changed, then this medicine can harm the patients. That’s why the coating process extremely depends upon the flow control valves and these valves have become a vital need of the various process industries where they are used to ensure the accuracy of the process. 

Final Words:

In this modern era, the use of electronic water control valves has gained a lot of popularity. Because along with simplifying the process they also provide accuracy and reliability. 

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