Why Is Confidence Important When Chatting?

4 Reasons By Livebeam

Picture this: you log on to your Livebeam account and use the optimized search feature to look for a new acquaintance to chat with. Next thing, you get a notification that an account is interested in talking to you, but you have yet to receive a message. To make things worse, the account finally sends in a message a couple of minutes later and all it says is “Hi”.

Now, using the analogy above, it’s not like saying hi is a bad thing, but look at the circumstances around it, the time it took to send the message, and the energy of the message.

Livebeam has developed into a very interactive platform. The level of genuineness in the conversations you have and the friends you make are superb, leaving you with absolutely no reason to fret. However, Livebeam has discovered that such internet users aren’t afraid, they are just not confident enough.

This knowledge provided the impetus for this Livebeam article. This article helps to explain to you 4 reasons why confidence is so important in today’s online conversations, and how you should put it to work.

  •  It Helps You Start Friendships

The modern Nike slogan “Just do it” stems from confidence and is one of the first things that confidence pushes you to achieve. With confidence, you get things done. In the communication space that could mean many things, such as you:

  • Send a message
  • Reply a message
  • Follow a person
  • Comment on a post

The important thing here is that you begin a process. This process can lead to the growth of something worthwhile; You can make the best of friends, start beneficial partnerships, and even get employed. 

Finding a friend that matches your preferences is quite difficult but Livebeam facilitates makes it easy. You can check through people’s profile pages and find out if you would like to be friends. Once you find someone you want to be friends with, there is absolutely no reason to hold back.

If you look at the negative side of things, you will get more convinced. If you don’t initiate the interaction you stand a chance of missing out on a great friendship or losing a job that could change your life. There’s really no reason to be afraid because what’s the worst that could happen?

One of the worst things that could happen after you are confident enough to initiate an interaction is that you get ghosted, but guess what? Confidence has a role to play in ghosting too.

  •  It Prevents Ghosting

This is kind of the loop that proves the win-win situation of being confident. Most people have a fear of being ghosted, so they end up not starting a conversation. When they finally get a little confidence, they do something quite limited like the example we began this article with. 

So, what’s the loop?

The thing is that you need confidence to start a conversation but you also need it all the step of the way. That means it gives you that push to initiate the communication but also prevents you from being ghosted.

How does it prevent you from being ghosted?

People who ghost others aren’t all bad. Some of them just haven’t found the type of people they want to chat with. If you try to find out what this type of person is, you will find out that confidence is included in most of their wishlists. This means that they want someone who would approach them with confidence.

A confident approach will help you evade being ghosted if you do it right. A confident approach involves;

  • A brief and detailed introduction
  • A positive aura
  • A hint of your intentions

If you can adequately construct this approach within 2 or 3 sentences, you are unlikely to be ghosted.

  •  It Makes the Conversation Interesting

Having confidence is not only useful in the introductory part of your communication, but it could also make the communication better. 

The creators on Livebeam that many people enjoy chatting with have confidence in addition to their positive nature. Chatting with people like that just makes everything easier. Confidence will help you ask the right questions, give the right answers, start interesting topics of discussion, and keep the chat up all day long.

If you are confident enough to keep pushing into one’s life, you will build the closeness and trust that is required of solid friendships. Not to forget that you need the confidence to come back again to continue where you left off in chats.

Communication built around confident people can grow faster and stronger than normal communication. Confidence might just be that missing spice that you have been missing all these days.

  •  It Shows You In a Good Light

Everyone wants to have that confident person as a friend. This is an added benefit of confidence in any friendship. You will most likely be admired and appreciated in any friend circle once you are identified as the confident one. This is especially since confident people tend to be so reliable.

Confidence also reduces the chances of you losing friends. You are registered in the person’s mind as someone who is reliable and trustworthy, and more importantly, a good conversationalist.

When you are confident you know that most things you get are deserved and not just a stroke of luck. More people want to be your friends and more friends want to chat with you. Your Livebeam active chats will never go empty at that rate.

In addition to the trait itself, here are a few things confident people are seen as:

  • Good conversationalists
  • Admirable orators
  • Quick thinkers
  • Sharp-minded people
  • Great friends

The list is endless, but here are some pretty good ones.

In Conclusion

The strength and importance of confidence in online communication do not only lie in the trait itself but also at the different stages of communication it can be applied. We have clearly shown how it can help start a conversation, get a response, and maintain a friendship.

The next step for you to carry out is to log on to Livebeam and create new and optimized friendships out of these tips. And if you don’t have an account yet, you can always sign up. We wish you success.

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