How is Las Vegas reopening to the world?

Most social and economic activities have significantly gone down since the outbreak of the pandemic. It has forced many businesses to shut down, with the remaining ones barely managing to support themselves.

However, that’s not the same case with online casino games. More of these casinos are now emerging on the market, such as platincasino, offering players a chance to play interactive games and win prizes.

On the other hand, Las Vegas is a famous place well known for its land-based casinos. The pandemic severely affected these land-based casinos because people had to avoid social gatherings. Most casinos were closed, which resulted in significant losses.

On the other hand, not everything is lost. People are still doing great things in Las Vegas. It is expected that Las Vegas will be opening to the world while also introducing new great features.

Let’s dive into some of the things to expect:


First and foremost, this is a place for casinos. For the first time, Las Vegas will be launching a new megacasino after more than a decade. The Resorts World is worth over $4.3 billion, making it a top attractive place for tourists. This will, without a doubt, make this city famous once again.

Resorts World Las Vegas

The hotel industry has been among the most affected industries during the pandemic. But that’s not the case in Las Vegas.

Malaysia’s Genting Group has done the unthinkable. Following a $4.3+ billion investment, the organization is now managing one of the largest hotels in the world.

This is a 3,500-room hotel having 250,000 square-feet meeting space, 117,000 square-feet gambling space, seven swimming pools, and a 5,000-seat theatre where Katy Perry and Celine Dion were to perform.

An outstanding thing about this project is that it’s among the biggest resorts ever constructed on this famed boulevard. It could be said to be close to the Venetian or the Bellagio.

Malaysia’s Genting Group was touted to have constructed the most technologically advanced casino. One amazing thing, it announced various partnerships allowing the guests to pay through available mobile payments for any product or service in the casino.

In addition, it wanted to create industry-leading cashless wagering technology. To play, you have to load money onto your digital wallets by linking digitally to your bank account or through an on-site kiosk where you can deposit cash.

The other eventual source of funding will be cryptocurrency. The casino will work with crypto exchange Gemini to explore how gamblers can play and dine with these digital currencies.

The company has also invested heavily in security; thus, the first ever to use RFID or radio frequency identification embedded chips, which will account for gaming activities.

Health Guidelines

After a historic shutdown, other places have also started to re-open. Las Vegas casinos did the same thing. They began to open but following the health guidelines – plexiglass barriers, limited gambling offers, and wearing masks.

Today, it’s evident that the global health crisis is fading, and crowds of tourists are packing in pools, restaurants, and casinos in Las Vegas.


Since the outbreak of this pandemic , things have not quite turned back to normal. However, after implementing the needed requirements, Las Vegas is turning into an attractive place to visit once again.

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